A is for Apple and Brie Turkey Burgers

Apple & Brie is a classic pairing so I had to find a recipe that meshed the two together.

I also wanted a Bobby Flay recipe… I love his recipes but they usually require a lot of ingredients, so I can’t justify buying all of them for one dinner. I hate having random ingredients sitting in my pantry or spoiling in my fridge that I use for one recipe and then never use again. I spring for this kind of recipe from time to time, but this is not that time… Brie is enough of a “spring” compared to other cheeses anyhow!

Before you start… you can click here for a quick “how-to” on burgers in general. Not all of this applies as this is a turkey burger and not a beef burger but it’s still helpful… especially if you’re new to grilling like me.

This recipe is delicious and simple! (My favorite combination!)

Here’s everything you need:


You can use regular hamburger buns but Bobby’s recipe calls for French bread so we tried it! We had regular buns too (only $1 if you buy the cheap kind) as we knew the French bread would be a bit hard to eat for our two-year-old. The greens you see are arugula leaves and the oils are canola and olive oil.

PREP time:

Cut your ground turkey into 4 equal sections (leave it right in the package to save on dishes!)

Core your apple (I had to use a knife as I do not own an apple corer… mine cuts it into wedges at the same time)

Cut your bread in sections for each burger and then slice it in half length-wise so it’s ready to grill

Cut four 1-inch cubes from you brie (you can remove the rinds if you don’t like them)


Now, form your burgers by taking each pre-divided section into balls. Then, push a cube of brie into the center of each ball and wrap the sides of the patty around the top of the cheese. You should no longer be able to see the cheese when you’re through. Press a small thumbprint into the top of each patty so that you don’t have the urge to smash them down with your spatula when they plump up on the grill.

Make sure that the patty is about 1 and 1/2 inches thick! I’m terrible at eyeballing this but my husband isn’t so no ruler was required šŸ™‚ I’ve never used a ruler in the kitchen but I wouldn’t put it past me…




…if you know your grill takes longer to heat up pre-heat it earlier!

Slice your apple crosswise into 1/2 inch slices. I cut off a small section at the very top of the apple and then continued by cutting 1/2 inch sections as evenly as possible. If you cut them too thin they will fall apart on the grill and if they’re too thick they won’t cook properly so it’s important to get as close as you can to 1/2 inch thickness! You just need one slice for each burger you’re cooking so keep that in mind.

Now, grab the oils and your brushes. You want to brush the burgers with OLIVE oil and sprinkle them with salt and pepper on BOTH sides. Then, brush BOTH sides of each apple slice with the CANOLA oil. I highlighted “both” to be sure you hit both sides of your burgers and apples. While this is important… it is even MORE important that you pay attention to the oliveĀ oil andĀ canolaĀ oil accents. The olive oil gives the ground turkey more flavor and the canola oil is flavorless so it doesn’t take away from the natural taste of the apples!

Here are the burgers and apples all ready to hit the grill:


Throw the burgers on and let them cook for 4 minutes. Then, flip the burgers and leave them for four more minutes. During this 4 minutes throw on the apple slices. After two minutes flip the apple slices and give them 2 more minutes. Then it’s time to take your burgers and apples off the grill and put your bread cut-side-down on the grill… it will only take a minute or two to toast them so watch them carefully (don’t leave the grill!) Grab your bread slices off the grill, turn off the grill!, and you’re done!

Here are the final burger: (I’m craving a bite right now…)


The tart apple and the creamy brie go so well with the peppery arugula. (Did I say YUM!?)

Grab your condiments of choice and get eating! Tired of your basic mayo, mustard, ketchup toppings? Click here for 50 condiment ideas!

MAKE AHEAD: You can shape those patties and fill them with the brie ahead of time which will save on prep. Just put them on a plate, cover them with foil or Saran and store them in the fridge. Take them out about 20 minutes before you grill them so they are closer to room temperature before throwing them on the heat. You can also slice the bread and store it in a Ziploc but wait on coring/ slicing the apple and on oiling/seasoning everything until you’re ready to cook!

Look for a post on what to do with your leftover brie and arugula soon. It makes for a delicious sandwich the next day!

Oh, and click here to get the official recipe from Bobby Flay.

Happy eating!

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