A is for Apple, Brie & Ham Sandwiches

I had to start with the final shot!

A super-yummy lunch (or dinner)…

Okay, so you go to buy ingredients for the Turkey, Apple & Brie burgers with Arugula…

(Click here if you haven’t read that post yet!)

Why not buy some sliced ham and an extra apple and make these sandwiches for lunch the day of, or the day after, you make your burgers? And, BONUS… use the ham for a DELICIOUS panini dinner another night of the same week! (I will be posting this recipe soon!) I love being able to use the same ingredients for several different recipes if possible, so I tried to pick some recipes with the same ingredients for your sake and mine! 🙂

Let’s dive into making these sandwiches!

Slice your French bread horizontally. Spread each half with your condiments of choice (I used butter and Dijon Mustard). Top one half with 2-3 slices of ham, 2 slices of Brie, and the thinly sliced apples (1/2 of a granny smith… quartered, cored, thinly sliced… reserve the other two quarters of the apple for a side or a snack later!) Add the sandwich top and cut the whole thing in two sections. YOU’RE DONE!

Here’s the simple steps:

You could use this idea to make one large sandwich and then cut it into smaller sections and secure them with toothpicks. They would be great for a lunch with friends whether it is one friend, five friends, or more! Of course you would need more bread and more of all the other ingredients.

I decided to use those extra apple quarters as a side for my sandwich! (A BONUS recipe… we’ll call them “A is for Apple-Granola Bites”). This is my new favorite snack if I have granola in the house (we always have peanut butter!) Just cut your apple quarters in half and spread each wedge with peanut butter on both sides. Dip the peanut butter in granola or top it with raisins (I did three granola and one with raisins!)

Here’s some pics to show how I made the apple-granola snacks:

I like the raisin topping but the granola is my favorite! It is crunchy and creamy, tart and sweet all at the same time! YUM!!

MAKE-AHEAD: If you are serving the sandwiches and/ or apples to friends or to your kiddos you can make them ahead! Just wrap the entire sandwich in Saran (hold off on toothpicks until closer to serving time!) and store them in the fridge. For the apples be sure to dip them in a lemon juice or orange juice to keep them from browning. Then proceed with the peanut butter and granola steps, put them on a plate, and cover them with Saran, too!

Here’s some final shots just to whet your appetite one last time…



Oh my goodness… yum


Happy Eating!

6 thoughts on “A is for Apple, Brie & Ham Sandwiches

  1. Adding Granola to the Peanut butter !! – – BRILLIANT!! (even on my Extra crunchy PB!) And I’ve just added “Brie” to my shopping list for this week. Love your blog, Jenna – -and I marvel at your finding the time to DO it!

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