B is for Blue Cheese Quesadillas

It seems that the recipes of my own that turn out best are the ones that come from a need to make dinner without making a trip to the grocery store.

I wanted to do a ‘Blue Cheese’ quesadilla recipe, but all the ones I found had a LOT of ingredients and that’s just not in the budget for this month (or most months!) I decided to go for making my own ‘recipe’ again and added blue cheese to the mix. I got some ideas from chefs online: triple decker style instead of just two tortillas and grilling the quesadilla instead of cooking it in the pan. Both of these things are new favorites, and I think we’ll use them in ALL future quesadillas… especially the grilling them part!… SO delicious!

I really LOVE recipes that include a small amount of ingredients and BIG flavor! This recipe does just that. Here is everything you will need:


Really… that’s it!… That is ALL you need!

The blue cheese is the most expensive item, but if you can find it on sale (I did!)… it’s worth trying.

Here’s my recipe: Blue Cheese Quesadillas

Click here for a ‘How-to’ on chopping onions. You have to scroll down and click on “Knife Skills: Slicing, dicing, & more” on the left column menu. Then click on the “Onion How-Tos” video.

Click here for a ‘How-to’ on mincing garlic.

Things I would do next time I make these (if possible):

1. Use Monterey Jack Cheese instead of Cheddar Jack (we didn’t have the former so I used the latter).

2. Add a sprinkle of chili powder (Ancho or regular) to the tops of the triple-decker tortillas after brushing them with canola oil.

3. DEFINITELY add chicken. We did it both ways and decided the chicken made it better! You can buy it pre-cooked and or cook your own (this can be done ahead of time!)

Here’s a slideshow of the recipe steps to give you some visuals: (just shows me doing one of the two triple-decker tortillas)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These turned out DELICIOUS! Much better than I thought since Cheddar Jack and Blue Cheese are not a combo that’s often used… Yes, I’d used Monterey Jack in the future if I had it but if I already had Cheddar Jack I’d just make them this way again! I hope you give them a try and enjoy them as much as we did… seriously… melt in your mouth YUMMY!

Let me know what you think if you try the recipe!

Happy Eating!

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