B is for Blue Cheese Burgers with Bacon

Another recipe of my own!! Two in one week!

I found several recipes for blue cheese burgers. There were aspects of many of them that I liked but also some that I didn’t like. In the end, since I decidedly wanted to have a burger be part of the ‘Blue Cheese’ saga, I ventured to make a blue cheese burger recipe to call my own.

Click here: Blue Cheese Burgers with Bacon for my recipe. 🙂 …it’s so fun to say that. I love writing recipes. A much more difficult and involved process than I imagined, but I love it all the same.

Here’s how I would go about making this recipe:

Start with the dressing. Click here for that! (I did not write that part of this recipe! I had some help from Alton Brown.)

For the burgers:

Put 1 pound ground beef in a medium bowl (I used 85/15… the extra fat brings extra flavor… 80/20 probably has even better flavor… you can use whatever ratio you like though!)

Add in 1 tsp hot sauce, 1 tsp worcestershire, 2 TBSP heavy whipping cream, and 1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles. The hot sauce will give it a little kick and the cream will keep the burgers nice a juicy (a trick I learned from a past burger recipe!) I like using the blue cheese crumbles as opposed to a big chunk of the cheese in the middle of the burger (I found a few recipes that did this). The idea of having the crumbles spread all throughout the burger instead of in one big chunk was appealing to me! SO good!

Mix the beef with the other ingredients gently with your hands. DO NOT over mix! Just get everything well combined.

I press the ground meat gently into the bottom of my mixing bowl until I have a flat surface of meat. Then I score the meat into four equal sections with a knife so that I can easily know how to divide the burgers into quarter pound sections. When you’re making the patties, resist the urge to pack the meat together tightly. Just loosely form a ball and gently flatten it into a patty. Use your thumb to make an indentation in the center of the burger. This is so that when your burgers plump up on the grill they don’t become too rounded for your bun.

Cook your bacon (I like one slice broken in half for my burger but you may want more!) We used bacon for the burgers and crumbled over our side salad so we did five slices total. You can make however many you need to be sure you have enough bacon for your burgers and side salad (if you’re making one!)

Grill the burgers over medium-high heat for 4-6 minutes per side (this time varies depending on how thick you form your patties and how much meat you use to make each of your patties. I made four quarter pounders but you might choose to make three 1/3 pounders or two 1/2 pound burgers… just depends what you like! Click here for some ‘how-to’ help on grilling burgers!

Drizzle canola oil on all of your buns (tops and bottoms) and grill them for a minute or so to toast them before you serve your burgers.

Top your burger with your lettuce of choice (I like spinach), a slice of tomato, bacon, and top with the blue cheese dressing! And… EAT!

Here’s the pictures of me making the burgers:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ON THE SIDE: We served a spinach salad on the side with tomatoes, crumbled bacon, and the blue cheese dressing. I would have to say we would change either the dressing or the lettuce choice for the side salad next time around. Using an iceberg wedge or romaine leaves would have been a better lettuce choice for the blue cheese dressing. If I had only spinach in my fridge I would probably a vinaigrette of some sort as the dressing. It was still delicious. I would eat it again! … but either the spinach just didn’t stand up to the blue cheese dressing too well or it was just overkill on the blue cheese dressing. Either way the burger is the important part here and it was WONDERFUL!

This recipe could serve 2-4 people. One quarter pounder was enough for me with the salad. My hubby ate two quarter pounders and his salad so I guess two of him eating the recipe would only serve two people… you know your family best so just make as much as you’ll need! (I never think burgers are very good as leftovers so we like to eat it all if we can! They just get a bit dry when you have to reheat them.) My daughter ate half a burger and we used the other half broken up in some eggs, tomatoes, and hash browns the next morning… pretty good actually!

NEXT TIME: I would add 1/4 tsp pepper to the burgers next time (I wrote this in the attached recipe: Blue Cheese Burgers with Bacon), but I still wouldn’t add any salt. Blue cheese and bacon both have a good amount of salt so you don’t need any extra in or on the burgers!

One more look at the final shot!


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