C is for Coffee and Ice Cream (Affogato)

This dessert has a fancy name (“Affogato”) but it’s the SIMPLEST dessert!

“Affogato” comes from an Italian word than means “drown” (affogare). It is a dessert that traditionally includes vanilla ice cream, an espresso shot, and sometimes coffee liquor.

I decided to make my own version for a quick and easy, yet elegant dessert. You can keep it as simple as just ice cream with coffee poured over top or you can make it fancier for guests. To make it more elegant you can add chopped nuts, shave some chocolate over the top, and/ or serve it in martini glasses for flare. You could even sugar the rims with red or green (for Christmas), orange (for Halloween), or a favorite color for a birthday.

To top off the ease of this dessert you can MAKE IT AHEAD!

Just scoop your ice cream into your prepared glasses, cover with Saran wrap and stick them in the freezer until you’re ready to serve. Pour the coffee over each glass at the LAST possible moment before adding your toppings and serving these. If you add the coffee too early you’ll end up with a melted mess. You can slightly cool the coffee before pouring it to prevent the ice cream from melting too quickly but you want a little of the melting effect to create YUMMY flavor!

I just used what I had on hand for ice cream, coffee, nuts, and chocolate.

You can use chocolate or coffee ice cream if you don’t have any vanilla. For the coffee just brew whatever you have on hand. You can use a shot of espresso if you have a machine or just make a small pot of whatever you usually drink. You can use any nuts you have on hand (I keep mine in the freezer as this helps this last much longer than in the pantry). I used walnuts and gave them a rough chop. I used bittersweet chocolate chips to shave over the top. It’s much easier to shave a whole chocolate bar but this was all I had so I made it work! Just be careful not to shave your fingers instead of the chocolate! 🙂

If you are NOT a fan of coffee you should still try this dessert. It’s basically the equivalent of adding a lot of sugar and cream to your cup of coffee. I think it’s my new go-to treat for a sweet after dinner treat! (Or afternoon treat… or late night treat… would mid-morning treat be too strange?) 🙂

Here are the steps in pictures:

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Here’s my recipe: Jenna’s Ice Cream and Coffee (Affogato) Recipe.

Happy Eating!

2 thoughts on “C is for Coffee and Ice Cream (Affogato)

  1. yum! and I think I could even manage to DO this one! Ha ha ! (actually , I did do the panini type sandwich with the cheese & apple – added roasted chicken too – – loved it!)

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