C is for Coffee-Chocolate Mousse

This is another SUPER simple dessert that you can make ahead! It can be made casual or elegant. Just use the appropriate style of cups or glasses to go with your occasion. The mousse will taste just as good in a paper cup but it will look even more inviting if you dress it up a bit. I think I might even top mine with chocolate shavings or curls next time I serve them! Again, not necessary, but pleasing to the eyes.

All you need: Bittersweet chocolate chips, whole milk, sugar, egg whites, and instant espresso powder. 5 ingredients. Yes please!

To preface the pictures to come, I made this dessert for a Christmas party so I tripled the recipe. So if the pictures suggest that I’m adding more of something than I said I was… it’s probably because I am. This recipe is easily doubled or tripled… I wouldn’t try any more than this though… unless you have a GIANT blender! 🙂 The recipe is supposed to make four servings but they would be very small servings. I would say the original recipe makes more like 3 servings… but that’s just me. You can make your portions whatever size you like!

Here we GO!

You start by putting 1/2 cup whole milk, 3 tablespoons sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon instant espresso powder into a small saucepan. Put this on your stovetop over medium heat. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and the milk is nice and hot but NOT boiling!

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While your milk is starting to heat up, pour 1 cup bittersweet chocolate chips into a blender, and separate 3 eggs (you will need the whites only). Don’t throw away the yolks! I’ll give you an idea for using these! 😉

Go back to stirring or whisking the milk mixture gently so it doesn’t form a film on the top! When the milk is nice and hot, pour it right into the blender over the chocolate chips! Your heart should stop for a moment… YUM. Be sure to use WHOLE milk! Skim milk just won’t do the trick in making this dessert the luscious treat that it is. If you’re going to do this dessert… go for broke. No substitutes please!

Put the lid on your blender (an obvious step but an important one). Blend the mixture together for 10-15 seconds. Now add in your 3 egg whites, put the lid back on, and blend the mixture for ONE minute. It will be a fairly thin mixture. This is how it should be… no worries!

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The final step is to pour the chocolate wonderfulness into three (or four) serving cups, cover them individually, and put them in the fridge to set for about THREE hours. Be sure to do this dessert enough ahead so you have those three hours for the chocolate to set. Otherwise you’ll be eating a soupier mixture than you hoped for. The chocolate will turn to a rich, but very light, mousse.


Okay, so there is actually ONE more step that really makes this dessert complete: WHIPPED CREAM.

The official recipe calls for an “Orange Mascarpone Whipped Cream” to top each of the chocolate mousse cups. You can definitely make this but I decided to just make basic fresh whipped cream instead of buying several more ingredients to make the mascarpone version. I’m sure it’s WONDERFUL and I want to try it someday, but for my purposes it was less stressful to just keep it simple. You can make it even simpler by just buying a can of your favorite whipped cream from the store! 🙂

If you have heavy cream on hand anyway, here’s all you need to do. If you’ve never tried making your own whipped cream, you’re going to love it! Basically you need 2 TBSP of white sugar and 1 cup HEAVY whipping cream (yes, it’s better than just “whipping cream”). You can use a hand whisk OR a hand held beater OR a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Whatever you have will work! I used a hand-held beater. It takes a little time but eventually (in 3-5 minutes of constant whisking) you’ll have your whipped cream! You want stiff peaks of cream. If they are soft peaks you will pick up your whisk or beaters and the mixture will slide right off and back into the bowl. Stiff peaks will stick to the whisk/ beater. Just don’t whisk them too long or they will turn into something more like butter than whipped cream! Not so appetizing as a topping on chocolate mousse. Click HERE for a visual “how-to” on making your own whipped cream.

MAKE-AHEAD: I would say you can make this dessert up to TWO days ahead of time. Ideally, one day ahead of time or the morning of if you can. Wait until you are about 5 hours (or less) away from dessert time to top each of the chocolate cups with whipped cream. I know this works with fresh whipped cream but I’m not 100% sure about canned whipped cream. Probably fine though!

Click here for the official recipe from Giada!

Click here or here for two other SUPER simple SUPER delicious sweet coffee recipes! If you’re more in the mood for something savory you can click here or here!

Oh, and ONE LAST THING! What to do with those extra egg yolks?? Use them in your favorite French Toast recipe the next day. It makes the French Toast extra rich and delicious! Try it! 🙂

Here’s one last shot of the final product:


YUM. I think I need to make this again soon…

Or right now.


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