D is for Dorito Sandwich

A quick, low-cost sandwich for lunch!

It is almost silly to have a recipe for such a simple sandwich, but here is the recipe nonetheless: Dorito Sandwich!

You start much as you would making any other deli sandwich for yourself at lunch.

Here is everything you’ll need:



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D is for Dorito-Goat Cheese Salad

This salad can be made into a meal by adding some grilled chicken and fruit. You can grill your own chicken or buy the packaged chicken strips (heated or unheated) to use to make this a meal!

It’s super-simple and budget friendly! Here’s the full recipe: Dorito Goat Cheese Salad Recipe.

When I served it I did so with the Dorito Chicken. If you love Doritos then this meal is for you! Click here for the Dorito Chicken Recipe!

Here’s a final shot of the meal to get you inspired:


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D is for Dorito Chicken

After making this for my family I experimented a bit more with the recipe to come up with the tastiest, crispiest product possible. Baking the chicken in the oven makes it much healthier than fried chicken. The challenge is that mixing chips with egg wash proves tricky when attempting to come up with a crispy final product! I believe I’ve come up with the Doritos recipe to give you great flavor and the crispiness you desire! The pictures taken reflect my first attempt at this recipe. My final written recipe will give you all the updates to make your Dorito Chicken the best (crispiest) it can be.


This recipe is SUPER easy and SUPER cheap! It fits right into my need for budget-friendly recipes.

Here is the full Dorito Chicken Recipe!

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A long time coming….

The weeks after Christmas were frustrating, busy, and surprising.

Frustrating… because our laptop decided to suddenly stop working and go into hard drive panic mode (that’s what I’m calling it anyhow). All of my Apples to Ziti info, pictures, recipes, etc were saved on that computer so it put me at a stand still. After four trips to the Apple Store, replacing the cord, battery, and (thankfully) backing up the computer successfully… the laptop is now on its way to be picked apart by Apple specialists and, hopefully, fixed within the week. Praise the Lord it is still under warranty so any repairs or replacements will ALL be covered in full! WHEW! In the meantime I was able to move my A to Z stuff to our desktop and move on with the blogging process.

Busy… because my husband was blessed with some wonderful work opportunities outside of his normal work week. His being constantly working means less help with the kids, house, etc. My family comes before the blog so, again, it was put on the back burner. On top of this I took on 20 hours a week of nannying for an infant. The laptop being out of commission made it a little easier to deal with foregoing the blog, as it was out of my hands for the time being anyhow. Any spare time has been spent maintaining sanity in the cleanliness of our home, grabbing a quick conversation or board game time with my hubby, and, first and foremost, spending time reading God’s Word to keep my feet on solid ground–relying on Him alone for the grace, patience, energy, and love I need to get through most any day. Yes, I am positive that putting the blog on the back burner was for the best this past month.

Surprising… because while I usually love to cook and bake and be in the kitchen… I have not been able to tolerate much food (especially its smell) since the second week of the year. The surprise came New Year’s Eve day when we found out that we are expecting Baby #3 in August or September! WOOHOO!!! and… AHHHHH!!!! We are elated!… but VERY surprised, a bit nervous (okay, VERY nervous), and DEFINITELY unprepared for a third child. 🙂 In relation to being a food blogger… I am only 7 weeks along right now and have been super sick. It has been difficult to stomach food let alone spend hours in the kitchen making it.

So now you know where I’ve been. Despite all that is going on I am determined to not only get back to blogging, but I have a new-found focus and excitement for the blog.

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