D is for Dorito-Goat Cheese Salad

This salad can be made into a meal by adding some grilled chicken and fruit. You can grill your own chicken or buy the packaged chicken strips (heated or unheated) to use to make this a meal!

It’s super-simple and budget friendly! Here’s the full recipe: Dorito Goat Cheese Salad Recipe.

When I served it I did so with the Dorito Chicken. If you love Doritos then this meal is for you! Click here for the Dorito Chicken Recipe!

Here’s a final shot of the meal to get you inspired:


Making this recipe could not be simpler!

You start with your favorite type of leafy lettuce. I used spinach but Romaine or leaf lettuce would work too if you prefer. You’ll also need goat cheese, dried cranberries, pine nuts (sliced almonds or chopped walnuts would work too), your favorite bottled balsamic dressing, and Doritos!

You’ll need an ounce of goat cheese per person. Buy a 4 oz goat cheese log (not crumbled) for serving four. Cut the log into four equal part (1 oz per person). Roll each ounce into 2-3 balls (depending on the size you prefer).

Finely crush about 20 Doritos chips in a resealable plastic bag (a Ziploc). Just seal the Doritos in the bag and use your fingers to do the crushing. Then pour the crushed Doritos in a shallow bowl and roll each of the goat cheese balls in the chip mixture, pressing to make sure the chips are sticking. You can always crush more chips if you need more!

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Then simply assemble your salad:

I used 5-6 cups of baby spinach leaves, 1/3 cup dried cranberries, 1/4 cup toasted pine nuts (you can toast them in a skillet over med-low heat for about 6-8 minutes until you can smell them slightly… really watch them! They can burn easy!) If you are using chopped walnuts or sliced almonds just toast them using the same method. Pour a couple tablespoons of the bottled dressing over the salad to start (or you can make your own dressing if you’d prefer).

Toss the salad together until all the leaves are slightly coated with dressing. Add more dressing (if needed) and toss well again… probably a couple teaspoons at a time until you get the salad dressed to your liking, but not over-dressed!

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Use a tongs to serve up the salad in individual bowls and serve your goat cheese balls right on top! Take a little bit of goat cheese off for each delicious bite! Serve the grilled chicken right on top (sliced or chopped) or on the side if you prefer!

That’s it!

THECOST?? For the salad it is a total of $10.62 and for four people it is $2.66/ person.

This accounts for the full price of the goat cheese and a 5 oz package of spinach. This is based on average store prices without shopping sales or in bulk.

To make the meal with grilled chicken (a quarter pound per person for four) it would be more like $3.16/ person. This, however, does not account for any fruit that you might add to round out your meal. The additional cost for that would depend on what type of fruit and how much of it you needed.

Again, if you need the recipe, click here: Dorito Goat Cheese Salad Recipe.

Here’s that final shot one last time!


Here’s to Economical Eating! ENJOY!

Love, Jenna

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