D is for Dorito Sandwich

A quick, low-cost sandwich for lunch!

It is almost silly to have a recipe for such a simple sandwich, but here is the recipe nonetheless: Dorito Sandwich!

You start much as you would making any other deli sandwich for yourself at lunch.

Here is everything you’ll need:



You don’t need these exact ingredients, but you’ll need bread, sliced cheese, deli meat (I’d suggest ham… it goes best with the Doritos), spreads (such as mayo and/or mustard), and Doritos chips are a must!

Start with the spreads of your choice. I used whole-grain mustard and spread it on two pieces of bread. Then add as many slices of ham as you like to one side of the bread. Top that with 1-2 slices of cheese (I used Muenster). Finally, add 4-6 Doritos chips and top with the other slice of bread (topping side down).

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And now comes the hard part….



The flavor and crunch of the Doritos makes all the difference on this otherwise simple sandwich.

The cost:

For ONE sandwich it can vary quite a bit depending on what kind of bread, how much meat & cheese, and what kind of spreads you use.

I’ll give you a price range though: $1.72 (on the cheaper end) to $3.73 (on the expensive end).

Here’s to Economical Eating and EASY recipes! ENJOY!



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