E is for Egg Burrito (Healthy Style)

Looking for something filling, delicious, and good for you? Look no further!

I discovered this recipe during my second pregnancy and have been making it ever since. If I’m making the recipe for just me (which is often the case), I will make a recipe for four and just add the eggs when ever I’m in the mood for eggs throughout the week. Making it for more than one person is simple too, AND, of course, it’s budget-friendly!


The hot sauce is optional but I like a little kick now and again with my eggs 🙂

SHOPPING LIST: 1 red onion, 1 red bell pepper, 1 can black beans (low-sodium, if possible), 8 eggs, 1/3 cup pepper jack cheese (or cheddar if you don’t like it spicy), 1 large tomato (or two small ones), 1 small avocado, tortillas (recipe calls for 10-inch, burrito size)

Stapes to be sure you have: Canola oil, Chili flakes, Cooking Spray, Salt & Pepper

Some optional items: sour cream, salsa, hot sauce

Your prep work:

Dice 1/2 small red onion (should be about 1/2 cup)

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Dice 1 red bell pepper (remove the seeds and ribs)

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Drain and rinse 1 cup low-sodium black beans (from a can)


If you are NOT making the recipe ahead you can also: seed and dice 1 large tomato and cube 1 small avocado

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The part you can make-ahead (if you like):

Heat 2 teaspoons canola oil in a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.

Add in your red onion and red bell pepper and cook them for about 8 minutes, stirring often. They should get a little blackened but turn down your heat if you think they’re burning!

Add in the black beans and 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes and cook another 3 minutes or so (just to warm everything through). Season everything with a little salt & pepper and you’re done with this portion!

If you are making this ahead, just allow this onion mixture to cool and then store in the fridge. The recipe is for four portions so you’ll use 1/4 of the mixture per serving whenever you finish off the recipe.

Here’s the steps in pictures:

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The Eggs:

Per serving you need one whole egg and one egg white, so if you are making it for just you that’s all you’ll need!

Stir in your shredded cheese (about 1 heaping TBSP per serving).

If you are making the recipe right away just use the same skillet you used for the onion/ bean mixture. Spray the skillet with cooking spray and heat it over medium-low heat (your stovetop may be different, mine gets too hot at medium heat for eggs so I do medium-low).

Add in your eggs, and scramble them. Click here for some “how to” help on scrambling. Everyone seems to have their own method for scrambling eggs, so if you have one you like… USE IT! Just remember, when they’re done they will look slightly underdone (wet) in the pan. Remove them to a plate immediately as they’ll continue cooking for a bit out of the pan. If they look done in the pan they will be OVER done on the plate!

Again, here’s the pictures:

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Making your burritos:

This portion depends on your preferences. If you like sour cream and salsa with your eggs, spread a little of each on your tortilla first. I’m not a huge fan of this with my eggs so I skip this part.

Then add your egg mixture and the black bean mixture to the tortilla. Top this with some diced tomato and avocado (1/4 a tomato and 1/4 avocado per serving). Season with a little salt & pepper if desired. Sprinkle with hot sauce and/ or put a little on the side for dipping!

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Check it out up close… YUMMY!


Can you see that hot sauce on there? I don’t use much but with the pinch of red pepper flakes in the bean mixture it’s just the right amount of spiciness for me!

Roll up the tortilla and ENJOY!


This is SUCH a delicious burrito… I can’t believe how cheap it is to make and how GOOD it is for you too! This one will not be leaving my stockpile anytime soon!

The Cost:

Factoring in everything on the recipe list except canola oil, cooking spray, and the hot sauce…

The total comes to $2.39 per person! A total of $9.56 for four people! Can’t beat that for all the goodness you get in here! Plus, it would be even cheaper if you bought your veggies, beans, etc in bulk or on sale.

Click here for the official recipe by Ellie Krieger!

Here’s to economical eating! ENJOY!

Love, Jenna

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