F is for Feta Guacamole

One of my favorite things to make is Guacamole.

Avocados are delicious in any form in my opinion… but they are especially delicious in guacamole. I have a sort of “standard” way I like to make guacamole and I thought… hey, why not add a little feta right into the guacamole?? I couldn’t imagine it being bad and it turned out wonderful! Just a fun way to mix things up a bit… especially if you want to put a greek twist on your guacamole! You could even serve it with pita chips instead of tortilla chips if you wanted to go Greek all the way!

Click here for my Feta Guacamole Recipe (you can omit the feta if you like and get my “standard” recipe)! 🙂 And, if you need a shopping list… Feta Guacamole Shopping List!

Everything you need:


Make-Ahead Portion:

Avocados brown quickly which is why I add a bit of lemon juice to my guacamole (it keeps them from browning). I still don’t make it too far ahead just so that it’s super fresh and green to serve. However, there is a portion you can make ahead. It’s just a few steps but it does save some time! I also often will juice my lemon ahead of time and store the juice in the fridge just to have another step done!

Check out the pictures (click on the first one) to see the steps:

Ready to Make the Guacamole!

About 1-3 hours before serving, I finish off the guacamole. You’ll see in my pictures I divided my recipe in half. I wanted to have 1/2 of my guacamole be dairy-free for friend AND I wanted to be able to compare the two versions so it worked out well!

You can substitute some crushed red pepper flakes for the hot sauce (anywhere from a pinch to a teaspoon… or more?!… depending on how spicy you like it!) Another option is to use a diced jalapeno pepper for your heat element. Again, if you like it REALLY spicy leave the ribs and seeds of the pepper in. If you like it mild take them ALL out! If you’re somewhere in the middle (like me)… cut the pepper in half length-wise, remove the seeds and ribs from one half and leave them in the other half. You’ll get a sort of medium version of spicy! 🙂

Here are the steps:

The only thing left to do is to taste and add more salt or pepper if needed! Serve with some tortilla chips or pita chips if you’re in a Greek mood!


This kind of depends on how many people you are serving and how much they are eating. If this is just a snack they may eat more. If it’s an appetizer they’ll probably eat less to save room for dinner.

I won’t give you a price per serving but I will tell you that without sale prices or buying in bulk the cost is about $6-7 and the recipe makes about 3 cups… with the feta in there I believe it’s a bit more!  You get a lot more guacamole with a much better taste if you compare it to store-bought guacamole!!

Here’s the link to the Feta Guacamole Recipe one more time if you missed it!

Happy Economical Eating!

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