G is for Goat Cheese Pasta & Greens

I ran across a recipe with goat cheese that’s super quick to make and super healthy…. I made it and it’s also SUPER scrumptious!

You don’t often run into a recipe that’s written for one person so this made it especially unique in my book. You could definitely double, triple, etc… the recipe, but if you just need a healthy, delicious lunch for yourself… HERE IT IS!!


Click here for the RECIPE and here’s a quick shopping list you can jot down:

–Dried pasta shells (Orecchiette if you have it or can find it) (you need 1 cup dried pasta)
–Mediterranean-style mixed salad greens (or spring greens or whatever mix you like!) (you need 2 cups)
–Sun-dried tomatoes (packed in olive oil) (you need 2 TBSP)
–Goat cheese (you need 1 TBSP crumbled)
–Parmesan (you need 2 TBSP grated plus more for garnish)
*Pantry staples to check: Salt & Pepper

Here’s what you need:


I didn’t find the “Orecchiette” used in the recipe but I found some “Sea Shells” that were just the right size and they worked perfectly! You can really pick any mix of greens you like but I chose the “Spring” mix since it’s Springtime! Seemed fitting… 🙂


The only prep is to measure out 1 cup of the pasta, measure 2 cups of the greens into a large bowl, chop oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes so that you have 2 TBSP, scoop out 1 TBSP goat cheese (I used a heaping tablespoon… it’s my prerogative to indulge when it comes to goat cheese), and finely shred some parmesan so that you have 3 TBSP (one is for garnish).



Now, don’t blink or you might miss these steps…

When your water comes to a boil, add a good amount of salt and then add in the pasta. You can find some tips on cooking pasta here if you like:

Give the pasta a quick stir right away to prevent it from sticking.

Now, Just add the sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and parmesan to the greens in the bowl.

When the pasta is cooked to your liking, use a slotted spoon or a similar tool to remove the pasta from the water. Add it right over the greens mixture…


Then, pour some of the reserved pasta water over the top… I started with 1/4 cup, gave it a toss, and then added a bit more as I thought it was needed. I don’t think I used the full 1/2 cup she recommended in the recipe, but this was partly because I already got some pasta water when I transferred the pasta over to the greens.

You want to use the water when it’s HOT for sure! The heat will turn the goat cheese and parmesan into a thin sauce and the starches in the water will help it stick to the pasta.


I used a tongs to toss it all together but you cold use your hands too if you don’t mind getting a little messy 🙂

Sprinkle in a pinch of salt and some freshly ground black pepper… give it a taste and add more seasoning if needed.



This will be $2.00 to $2.50 for one person, depending on what you’re spending for goat cheese. I made it for even less buying things on sale!

Sometimes recipes for one just don’t do the trick to fill you up, but this one was nice and hearty… maybe with whole-wheat pasta it would be even more filling?! This is the kind of meal that just makes you feel good during and after eating it!

Check out this decadent bite…


Yes, I will definitely be adding this one to my stash of recipes!

Happy Economical Eating! ~Jenna

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