Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese and Honey Mustard

I had ground turkey in my fridge that I had planned to use for a feta recipe, but I changed my mind about which recipes to make and this was leftover. It was time to freeze it or use it…

The consensus??… USE IT!

Something about a sandwich sounded so fulfilling this particular afternoon and I was having dreams of some delicious honey mustard spread on it. The only sandwich made with ground turkey that I could think of… Turkey Burgers!…with GOAT CHEESE!! Now I’m getting hungry!… the fridge showed no promise of honey mustard of any kind… darn

Hmmm, I did find dijon and honey. That would work! I started by mixing these and went on from there to create my own version of honey mustard…



You could definitely use a store-bought honey mustard, but this version is not spreadable and is a bit thinner than even a Honey Mustard Dressing you might buy. It’s easy to drizzle on and will really add flavor to your sandwich…

I had a lot of ground turkey so I made these for dinner one night and lunch the next day… YES! They were that good!

I’m so excited a craving turned out to be such a wonderful recipe!

Speaking of recipes… here’s the Recipe and here’s a Shopping List for you.

For the burgers…

I decided to keep it simple with the meat and let the toppings speak for themselves. You can use whatever size patty you prefer, but I went with 6 oz for my burgers. You just need canola oil, salt & pepper… and the ground turkey… to get started. Form the ground turkey into patties, brush with canola oil and season with salt & pepper (on both sides!)

On to the cooking! I grilled my burgers about 4 minutes per side (slightly more).

You want the turkey cooked all the way through but no further or it will dry out… unfortunately, it’s a fine line. These turned out beautifully, but I’ve made many a dry turkey burger… I’ll admit, it’s better than being worried about an undercooked one, but even with yummy toppings it’s a bit disappointing to sink your teeth into.

During the last minutes of grilling I toasted my hamburger buns and just the last minute or so I topped the burgers with about 1 ounce of goat cheese (maybe a little more… I tend to get carried away a bit when it comes to goat cheese) 🙂

Take the burgers off the grill! They’re ready to assemble!

Just drizzle some honey mustard on the bottom bun, top with the burger/ goat cheese, drizzle some more honey mustard over that (as liberally as you desire), and top with some greens (I used arugula).

The Cost?

At just $2.35 per burger (and yes, that’s with the honey mustard!)… this ended up being a truly rewarding choice… one we will definitely be making again at our house!

Here’s that Recipe and Shopping List one more time if you missed it.

The top part of the bun is all that’s left to add before you dive into this satisfying burger… lots of flavor no matter what you turkey burger-haters out there think!


Happy Economical Eating! ~Jenna

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