Honey and Chocolate???

The combination of honey and chocolate did not strike me as an obvious one, but the resulting dessert convinced me they’re a match!

This couldn’t be simpler…


That is probably why it is called… Simplest Chocolate Honey Mousse

THREE ingredients… Yep, that’s right…

Whipping cream, bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, and… you guessed it… HONEY!

Chop up 12 ounces of bittersweet chocolate (or semisweet… just not unsweetened) and put it in a large saucepan…


Put the pan over low heat and add in 3/4 cup whipping cream…


And 5 TBSP of honey…


Stir together until all the chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth.  Take it off the heat and let it cool a bit… stir it every so often while it cools.


While you’re waiting for the chocolate mixture to cool, beat 1 1/4 cups whipping cream until SOFT peaks form. Add half of this whipped cream to the chocolate mixture and fold it in until it’s combined.


Then, fold in the other half of the whipped cream…


When you’re done the cream will have turned the chocolate mixture a lighter brown color and it will be completely smooth…


Scoop this into small ramekins (you can really use any size… just depends how large you want your servings to be). The recipe makes enough to divide amongst eight 3/4-cup ramekins. You’ll need to refrigerate it until the chocolate sets, at LEAST 2 hours.

Whip another 1/2 cup whipping cream into FIRM peaks to use as a whipped cream topping for each of mousse cups… just spoon a dollop on top of each of them after they set and they’re done!

I was in a rush (yet again) when finishing this recipe so my final shot is of the ramekins being put in our fridge to set instead of beautifully set with their whipped cream dollop on top… I assure you they were delicious and beautiful even though I don’t have the official photo to prove it! 🙂


The Cost?

$1.05 per serving for 8 servings! Easy to make and easy on your wallet!

A TIP: Buy chocolate chips instead of bars of chocolate to save money. I found bars of chocolate on sale so I went with bars… you will have to buy 3 bars (they usually come in 4 oz sizes) but only one bag of chocolate chips (they usually come in a 12 oz bag).

Here is your handy-dandy Recipe and Shopping List!

Happy Economical (& EASY!) Eating! ~Jenna

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