Grilled Cheese… ???

What? I’m serious. Seriously… grilled cheese.

And yes, there IS in fact JAM in the recipe.

Listen, if you’re a mom, you know there are moments of desperation when you would try anything to get lunch together, right?

Am I wrong?

Okay, so it’s not your typical grilled cheese but there is cheese in it and it is grilled… cheese + grilled = GRILLED CHEESE… at least in my recipe-writing it does. 🙂

Oh yes, and if you’re opposed to the idea of frozen waffles… you might as well just stop reading right now.


Ricotta & Jam Grilled Cheese with Fresh Strawberries!!!


Just try to tell me that doesn’t look good…

Here’s what you need:


The food processor is optional… feel free to mix the filling in a bowl! It will work just fine! 🙂

Start with the cream cheese…

It helps to have it a bit softened and not straight out of the fridge, but I started with mine right out of the fridge and it worked just fine! If you aren’t using a food processor you will probably need a hand-held beater so you can whip the cream cheese if it’s still cold.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Add in some ricotta cheese…


Then add some powdered sugar for a touch of sweetness…


And finally, of course, you must add our “secret” ingredient…. JAM!


You’ll end up with a slightly pink hued cheese mixture that you will use for the sandwich’s filling…


Now you can assemble your sandwiches!

Take the frozen waffles out of the freezer and spread your filling over half of the sandwiches…


Top these with another waffle…


So…. we’ve covered the “Cheese” portion of our “Grilled Cheese”…

TIME FOR THE “GRILLING”!!!! Sorry, I’m excited… these are really yummy…

How else would you start grilling “Grilled Cheese” except by….

Melting some butter in a large saute pan (large enough to fit TWO frozen waffle sandwiches!)

Heat the pan over medium-LOW heat… you want these to be golden brown, NOT dark brown or burned!!

BE PATIENT!! It will pay off… 🙂


When that glorious butter is melted… swirl the pan to coat the bottom COMPLETELY…

And get your sandwiches COOKIN’!!

Remember… patience… take a peek to make sure they are cooking slowly and becoming only golden brown instead of black.

TURN DOWN THE HEAT if needed… wait it out… it WILL be worth it! You want toasted but not too toasty.

Flip when one side is done and, once again, be patient and grill the other side…

Add some more BUTTER!!! This is an important step… it’s no fair to give one side buttery goodness and leave the other side out! We all know how important it is to be fair in the kitchen, right?



While you are being so patient… slice up a strawberry for each sandwich…

Dust each sandwich with a little powdered sugar for some extra sweetness and, of course, because it makes it BEAUTIFUL!!



Top each “Grilled Cheese” with the fresh strawberries… fanning them out to make it, once again, look pretty…


You want to eat it more now, right? The powdered sugar and the strawberries really do the trick.

Cut it into quarters to make it finger food… OR, if you like, or leave it whole and pull out your knife and fork!

It will taste about the same either way… it just depends what you’re in the mood for…

Messy Munching or Silverware Savoring??


Either way… you’ll be DIVING into DECADENCE!!

Check out that yummy looking filling…


You can use whole-grain waffles (my favorite are the Eggo brand), blueberry waffles, MINI waffles…..

OOOooooooo!!!! I just thought of something!!!!…

I think Eggo does a seasonal “Pumpkin Waffle”…. How good would that be?

I’m going to be  thinking about that until the fall… or are they in freezer cases year-round??!

I have to go to check the store tonight… I won’t be able to sleep…

Anyways, sorry…

THE COST!! You are looking at $1.36 per sandwich… Now, how can you resist that?


This sandwich almost doesn’t need one, but just in case… here is your RECIPE!!!

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

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