A savory take on Jam

At first I dismissed the idea of “J is for Jam” altogether because I thought there would be no “dinner” recipes made with jam…

Only desserts came to mind.

Then I realized that jams would make a FANTASTIC glaze for meats… especially chicken or pork. But more on that in another post.

A “jam” that I definitely did not expect but ended up LOVING is the subject of today’s post: TOMATO Jam!

Throw out any pre-conceived notions that just entered your head… you NEED to try this!

Tomatoes are a fruit after all… why not make jam out of them?

This is amazing on a burger!!! Take a look…


You need these FOUR ingredients…


Plus FIVE spices…


The colors of the spices remind me of fall but the tomato jam is perfect for summertime because it goes perfect on a grilled burger.

Look how pretty…


Aside from measuring out the spices, the only prep is to core the tomatoes and chop them!


Then you add ALL the ingredients and ALL the spices to a medium-sized saucepan…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bring it to a boil then turn down the heat and let it simmer at a low boil for ONE hour!

Just stir it every 7-10 minutes… probably every 5 minutes or more when you get closer to the end of the cooking time.

This is how it will look when you start…


About halfway through it will look like this… Doesn’t resemble JAM quite yet, does it?? No worries!… PATIENCE! 🙂


And finally…. you’ll have what you waited for… a THICK, flavorful jam…. sigh…


Transfer the jam to a jar…


Then store it in the fridge once it has cooled completely.


You can make this a week (or even maybe TWO weeks) before your burgers so there is NO stress added to an already busy burger-making night!!

Next time… I’m making a DOUBLE batch!!

The jam was really the star HOWEVER the burgers were amazing, too!!

I think the addition of ricotta really made all the difference… Turkey burgers can be dry and the cheese in the burgers really helps keep them moist!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Add the ground turkey, shallot, dijon mustard, ricotta, basil, salt and pepper to a medium to large bowl…


MIX!! (I ended up using my hands… they were better tools than the spoon for sure…)


Form the ground turkey into patties (12 of them)…

I divided the turkey into fourths and then made each of the fourths into THREE small patties, dividing it as evenly as possible.

Then I put them on a plate, separating the layers with a sheet of wax paper (parchment would also work!), and covered the plate with foil. Then I just stored them in the fridge until I was ready to pre-heat my grill.

I took them out of the fridge just to take the chill off for about 20 minutes or so before brushing oil on them and getting them cookin’!


Two sliders and a salad… I couldn’t ask for a better meal…


We were WILD for the tomato jam, despite being skeptical at first.


I cannot emphasize enough that you MUST try this recipe!


Or your hat off…

or boots…

or… sunglasses??

Whatever it is you’re wearing at the time that would NOT be embarrassing to lose… it’ll knock it off.

Have I convinced you yet? Click HERE for the recipe… now you have no excuse!

The COST… I will have this up soon but for now I just wanted to get this posted so you can make it for Memorial Day… trust me, you DO NOT want to wait on this one!!

One last close-up photo to seal the deal…

Mmmmm… we WILL be having this at my house again soon… maybe tomorrow.


Happy Economical Eating!

One thought on “A savory take on Jam

  1. What a great idea…tomato jam…love it. And all the ingredients to go into the turkey for the burgers looks wonderful also. I am looking forward to making these!
    love, mom

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