Pork Tenderloin with Jam Glaze & Habanero “Mojo”

“Mojo” is not a word I use often…

Okay, I never use that word.

But apparently Bobby Flay likes to use it to describe the sauce in this recipe of his…

And let me just say… call it what you like, it’s DELICIOUS!


Some mashed potatoes and cheesy broccoli on the side and you’ve got a meal!

For this pork recipe there are three parts…

1. The Glaze

2. The Pork

3. The Habanero Sauce (or “Mojo”)

I put them in this order because you can make the glaze ahead of time. Then you can get the pork on the grill and let it have its rest time while you make the habanero sauce.

Let’s start with THE GLAZE!

Here is what you need:


Just whisk together apricot preserves, dijon mustard, O.J., and salt & pepper to taste and it’s DONE!

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You can store it in the fridge until you take the pork out for grilling. Give it a little “refresher” whisk and it will be ready to go!

Next up, THE PORK!

All you need to do is take it out of the fridge to take the chill off and pre-heat the grill to HIGH. After 20 minutes or so, brush the pork loins all over with vegetable oil and season them liberally with salt and pepper!

Take your glaze out too to take the chill off. Set aside 3-4 tablespoons so you can do one last glaze AFTER the pork is cooked… this way you won’t be using glaze that’s been brushed onto raw pork!!

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When you’ve oiled and seasoned your pork and re-whisked your glaze you are READY TO GRILL!!


Give it a good brush with the glaze and put that side DOWN on the grill. Then, brush the top and sides with a whole bunch of the glaze before letting it do its thing on that first side.

Before you FLIP the pork loin, give it a good brush of glaze first, flip it, and then douse the top and sides again!

THE “MOJO” comes after you take the pork out of the fridge as there is some prep work to do before you begin.

Here are your ingredients for that:


Chop up some red onion, garlic, and habanero…

Try not to touch the habanero as much as possible and wash your hands THOROUGHLY right after you’re done handling it!!!!!!

Get under your fingernails too!!

I speak from experience… this pepper is POTENT… if you touch your eyes without COMPLETELY washing your hands, arms, etc… you could end up being blind for an hour or two if you touch your eye by mistake… not fun.


Pretty color!

You’ll be ready to make the sauce when you have your ingredients lined up and ready to go…


Start by heating some vegetable oil in a small saute pan or saucepan.

Add the onion and garlic and cook until they’re soft.

Then add in the habanero (WITHOUT touching it!!), lime juice and orange juice… bring the mixture to a boil and then turn down the heat just a bit to let it simmer and reduce by HALF.

Just give it a good stir from time to time…

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Once the sauce has reduced by half it will be slightly thickened. Now it’s time to whisk in some chopped cilantro (or use parsley if that’s all you have like I did…)


Then whisk in some cumin seed (or ground cumin if that’s what you have… also like I did!)


Give it a minute or two to meld the flavors all together and then pour it into another container until you’re ready to serve the pork!!


In the meantime (probably while you’re waiting for the sauce to reduce), the pork will have come off the grill and be moved to a cutting board to rest.

Brush it with the glaze you reserved for POST-cooking… really coat it on both sides… then just tent it with some foil to keep it warm for 10 minutes or so…


When it’s all rested up, SLICE it up and serve it with the habanero sauce drizzled over top…


Add your sides and it’s dinner time!

The Cost…

A little more than I usually aim for on recipes but it’s hard to do a Bobby Flay recipe (usually has a lot of ingredients) without spending a little more per serving. You’re looking at $3.35 per serving for 6 servings….

BUT, remember, this is NOT shopping sales or in bulk so I’m sure this cost is actually higher than what you could do if you’re a savvy shopper!! I just like to find recipes that you can make for cheap no matter what the sales are in your local grocery store at any given time. Plus, I don’t like to assume that everyone has a Costco (or other bulk store) membership.

Let me know what you can get the cost down to!? I figured out only $2.39 per serving for my shopping on this per serving. I didn’t get everything on sale though, so I’m sure you can get it even lower!

Click HERE for Bobby Flay’s recipe!

You’re going to love how his name for this… it sounds so fancy! (and delicious… but surprisingly, it’s not difficult to make!!)

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

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