JAMmin’ Cookies

When I started searching through sweet recipes for “J is for Jam”…

I found myself craving… CHOCOLATE!!!


Now, this may sound very normal to you… I’m a woman, I’m pregnant with my third child… I should be an experience chocolate-craver, right?

To the contrary… this craving MUST be a feat of this particular pregnancy because I never crave chocolate.

Seriously. I am not your typical, chocolate-loving woman. Instead I crave fruit desserts… pie, cobbler, crisps… or just fruit itself!

I crave candy like Twizzlers, Chewy Sweet Tarts, and Skittles … not Snickers or Twix.

No matter how crazy you think I am for being this way, I did happen to be having a “normal” woman’s chocolate cravings on this particular day. The problem was I couldn’t find a dessert recipe that looked especially good with chocolate and jam for a low-budget cost.

I was also not in the mood for pulling something out of thin air and creating my own recipe. It takes time and effort for me to do this… and this was not the day for that.

The answer to my conundrum presented itself in the form of a combination I prefer to just plain chocolate…

Chocolate AND peanut butter….. Mmmmmmm…. If I am going to have chocolate, I like it combined with peanut butter… like a Reeses or a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate kiss on top. Otherwise I’d rather just have a plain old piece of dark chocolate or NO chocolate for that matter.

The “No Chocolate” option was not going to be okay on this day… Luckily I found the perfect cookie to curb my craving…

A classic peanut butter and jam combo with CHOCOLATE, to boot! BINGO


They are GIANT so you might need to share one… or not.

There’s something anti-climatic about finishing with your wet ingredient mixture, being ready for the dry ingredients, and then having to stop and sift the necessary items together…. sigh…

Why is that annoying? Or is that just me?…

Maybe it’s just because I’m so close to getting the cookies onto the pan and into the oven that I can practically taste their warm goodness…

That extra step just seems like an annoying detour in the road you weren’t expecting on your way to somewhere fabulous.

Anyway, that is the long-winded way of telling you I like to start by sifting together my dry ingredients first…. that way they are READY to go when the moment I need to add them arrives!

So… flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sift them together…


And it’s on to the wet ingredients!

You start, as many cookie recipes often do, by creaming together the butter and sugars… but this time you ALSO add the peanut butter in this step!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Add in some vanilla and the egg… BEAT well and scrape the sides to be sure everything is mixed in there well!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now it’s time for the dry ingredients. Since we already sifted them together, we don’t have to stop to do that now! See how nice that is? I like it… 🙂

Add it slowly or in batches and mix only until it is just incorporated into the wet ingredients. DO NOT OVER MIX! 🙂


Adding the dry ingredients COMPLETELY changes the look of the cookie dough in this recipe…



Scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl again and your dough is ready for rolling!


Now, unfortunately, there is a bit of a detour here… instead of just rolling the cookies quickly and getting them on the pan you have a bit more work to do.

Don’t fret though… like a detour with a really fantastic view, this detour makes up for the extra time it takes!

A little patience will payoff… I promise!


Use a 1/4 cup dry measurer to scoop out the dough and create equal portioned cookies.

Roll each scoop into a ball and then roll that in some white sugar in a small bowl or ramekin…


Arrange the cookies on the pan… space them WAY out… only 5 cookies per pan!! They really spread out so be sure to do this!


Finally, you need a wooden spoon with a thin handle to poke holes in the tops of each of the cookies.


This is where you put the JAM!!

Blackberry really does go well with these cookies so I would recommend it over strawberry or apricot…IMG_0638

You need about 1 tsp per cookie… so make sure you made a deep enough hole so you can get a good amount of jam into each cookie! (without poking all the way through of course!)



After you’ve filled ALL the cookies you’re ready to get them into a pre-heated oven!

They start like this…


Then they spread out a little more…


And by the time they’re out of the oven they huge, crinkled, slightly crispy, slightly soft, chocolately and rich… with a sweet surprise in the center…


Okay, so I lied at the beginning… yes, they are huge…

But no, you will not be able to (or at least will not want to share!!!)

Here is your recipe! 

The Cost? $4.86 TOTAL to make these cookies. If you get 10 cookies from the recipe… which is about right… you might get 11… that means ONE giant cookie costs 49 cents!

Totally worth it to curb that (rare, in my case) chocolate craving that just won’t go away…

Be sure to farm these out to your family/ friends… leave them sitting on your counter and they’ll be gone within 24 hours…


OR… get some little cookie monsters to help you out with them…


These two were definitely not disappointed by mama’s chocolate craving…

The way they gobbled these cookies up assured me that they would be okay with this kind of craving any time!

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

3 thoughts on “JAMmin’ Cookies

    • If you look closely you can see that the hands adding many of the ingredients in the pictures are quite small… I had two little helpers for this recipe! I think they were more eager for the tasting than the helping, though… Their picture is my favorite

      Being their mama and nanna I suppose we are a bit biased though?! 🙂

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