When Life Gives You Lemons… Make Pancakes!

Well, life didn’t really give me lemons…

But I did go to make pancakes and discovered my box mix was all out except for a few sad tablespoons at the bottom of the box. (No, I am not against box mixes for making pancakes… if you have kids, you probably are not either… at least if you’re honest with yourself…)

Well, no box mix meant either no pancakes OR…

Making my own?!


Once I got the right consistency and flavor in my batter I cooked a few trial pancakes and I think I’ve found a go-to recipe for myself!

Essential DRY ingredients to start…


Put flour, baking powder, baking soda, and fine salt in a LARGE bowl and whisk it together… or sift it if you prefer.

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Make a well in the center of these dry ingredients and get your WET ingredients together…


Whole milk (that’s all we have at our house these days), eggs, a little sugar, vanilla, AND… since I was doing “Lemon” recipes I thought I would throw in a bit of lemon juice and zest for good measure.

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Whisk the wet ingredients together REALLY well… put some muscle into it!!!… it could even count as your workout for the day! (Well, maybe not…)

Pour the wet ingredients into the well you made in the dry ingredients and stir together until combined. You don’t need to mix this too well though… some lumpiness is okay… in other words, don’t attempt to get a whisking workout for this portion of the recipe.


Now, for the “syrup”…

I grew up having real maple syrup so it’s hard for me to use “regular” syrup… I just can’t make myself like it… I would rather just not have any syrup. However, I buy this “regular” syrup because it is MUCH, MUCH cheaper than maple. Once in a while I will splurge and grab a bottle of the real stuff, but most of the time, I resist and pay $2 instead of $8. My husband grew up having non-maple syrups and he prefers them to maple… go figure. I guess it’s what you’re used to! My girls will probably prefer the Log Cabin, Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth’s, etc. to maple, too… sigh.

It’s saving money so I guess I’m okay with that. Or at least I’m coming to terms with it.

Anyhow, for this recipe I am adding the quotes to “syrup” because it’s not maple syrup NOR is it not any other syrup you can pull off the shelf in the supermarket.

Nope!… it’s not really syrup at all, but you wouldn’t have known it…

My girls kept asking for “more blueberry syrup please mama!!!”

IMG_0692 IMG_0704

Be prepared for a MESSY, but much healthier, result than any other kind of syrup you’ve served!

Just add blueberries (fresh… or frozen ones that you’ve thawed), lemon juice, and a bit of powdered sugar to a blender and let her rip!

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So, while it still has the natural sugars from the fruit… it has a lot LESS sugar than normal syrup for sure! Still nice and sweet though… the powdered sugar is needed to balance out the sour lemon juice a bit!


Make your pancakes… I like moderate heat so they don’t get brown too quickly and a good amount of butter on the griddle…


Flip ’em when they’re golden brown and then serve up a stack topped with the syrup (and more butter if you like)…



Two messy but happy kiddos judging by these pictures…



Hahahahahaaaa…. LOVE this one…

Goofy girly.

Okay, here is the RECIPE for you! (and, almost forgot, a Shopping List if you need! 😉

The Cost?

$1.85 to just over $2.00 per person… depending on if you figure in a stick of butter or not 🙂

This gives you about 4 pancakes per person and a heaping 1/4 cup blueberry “syrup” each.


I was pretty happy with the pancakes too.. didn’t miss my maple syrup at all 🙂

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

4 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons… Make Pancakes!

  1. I have trouble with the sweetness of regular pancake syrup, and I sugar crash when I endulge. This looks so yummy, and is way better for you! Doesn’t have all the evil high fructose corn syrup in it, that most pancake syrups have. I love blueberries, and am definitely going to try it!! (With a squirt of whipped cream?) oh yeah!

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