Lighten Up!

After that rich, indulgent fried cheese sandwich, I thought it was time for something a bit on the lighter side…


A simple salad made with romaine, sliced fresh strawberries, cubed mozzarella, and fresh basil!

Add some grilled chicken and you’ve got yourself a main dish salad!

To the romaine, add some sliced strawberries…


The cubed mozzarella…

(I think FRESH mozzarella would be much better for this salad… but I only had the aged version so I cubed this up and used it… still VERY good if that’s what you have but the fresh would be DELICIOUS in this simple salad!)


Then some fresh basil… cut chiffonade (thin strips)…


Time for the dressing!

All you need is extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper!


I like to use equal parts of the oil and vinegar (2 TBSP of each in this case)… then some salt and pepper to taste!

(Yes, taste the dressing BEFORE you put it on the salad and add whatever you think it needs!)

Pour it over the salad and toss…


You could also toss your salad WITHOUT the dressing, distribute it to each plate, top the salads with sliced grilled chicken, and drizzle a bit of dressing over each individual serving.

It will look less messy this way but the dressing won’t be tossed throughout the salad so it’s up to you how you serve it.

We weren’t too worried about presentation for this weeknight meal so we tossed it all together!!

IMG_1100 IMG_1103

Don’t OVERdress the salad! You just need enough to coat everything lightly… you can alway add more (serve it on the side) but you can’t take it OUT!

The Cost?

$1.56 per person (4 servings) for the salad itself… add in the chicken and you’re looking at about $2.50 per serving.

Healthy for you AND your wallet!

The Recipe?

Click here for the link to the recipe that inspired this dish. She doesn’t add the grilled chicken and she makes her dressing a bit different than I do (I think a two-to-one ratio on the oil and vinegar).

The romaine lettuce has some crunch to it, but you might want to add some toasted nuts to the salad for a bit more texture!

Happy & Healthy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

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