Chicken & Nectarines

Chicken and peaches is a classic “country” dish, and I thought… why not replace the peaches with nectarines?

I did and the result was delicious…


This recipe is succulent and simple.

You start by cooking chunks of nectarines in some butter and the juice of half a lemon.

You can start with slightly under-ripe nectarines because cooking them will soften them for you. The butter and lemon juice beautifully caramelizes the nectarines…

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Next you want to pan-saute the chicken in some olive oil, letting them get browned and caramelized before flipping them.

The recipe calls for chicken thighs and chicken breasts that you’ve cut in half crosswise. The result is two thin versions of your original chicken breast…

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I turned down the heat after the first side was browned to my liking as my pan seemed too hot… burning the chicken was not an option!

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After the chicken is cooked you remove it to a plate and cover it with foil to keep it warm. With the drippings in the pan you make your sauce. Here’s how…

Start by chopping up one shallot. Then trim off the outside of some ginger so it’s ready for grating.

I misread the directions so I tossed my ginger in whole instead of grating it in… cooking with two little girls running around, playing, fighting, laughing… you get a bit distracted.

I’m okay with that though… my kiddos come before cooking in my life!


Next you’ll want to measure out your peach (or apricot) preserves, chicken stock, and have your hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce ready.


Due to the slightly charred parts of my chicken the sauce pictures do not look super appetizing, BUT I assure you… this sauce is SO yummy! The balance of sweet and spicy is AWESOME! Hats off to the recipe writer!! (Rachel Ray… by the way)

You add the shallots and the ginger to the pan for a couple of minutes, and you deglaze the pan with the chicken stock. Then you WHISK in the preserves, hot sauce, and worcestershire. When you let this simmer at a low boil for a few minutes it will slightly thicken and become a sort of cross between a sauce and a glaze…. SOOOOOO good!!

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You place the chicken and nectarines on a large platter and pour the sauce right over the top!


There it is! Up close and personal…

IMG_1397 IMG_1401

I think this plate is begging for a nice green salad and maybe some potatoes au gratin, but it was super tasty as shown…

HERE is the recipe from Rachel Ray.

The Cost? About $2.40 per serving and the recipe serves four! Even if you add a side to this dish the meal would be a bargain.

Enjoy your budget-friendly, classic country-style meal!

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

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