Nectarine Salsa


Today the chance for rain in Phoenix went from 30 percent to 20 percent…

My “Gigi” (my husband’s grandma) said it best: “It never rains at 20 percent”. Sadly, I know she’s right.

It was slightly overcast yesterday for an hour or two and I thought…. YES!! The rain is going to come! My hopes were shattered today when that percentage changed. I’ve started sucking on ice cubes to keep myself cool. I don’t mind the heat for the first few weeks but then it starts to make me tired and more easily irritated… by August I’m so ready for the heat to be over I can hardly stand it.

Besides ice cubes, the foods that sound best right now are those that are cool and refreshing… like chilled Pico di Gallo!

I love love LOVE a good salsa!!

While I do have a few store-bought salsas that I like, there’s really nothing like a fresh, homemade salsa…. AND when I make my own I can go a little outside the box! I’ve made (and bought) salsas that have included fruit before, so why not make one with nectarines?!

I actually had all the ingredients already in the fridge… the jalapeno was intended to be used for something else but when the salsa idea struck I knew I wanted to use it anyhow!


I started by prepping all the ingredients…nectarines, red bell pepper, fresh parsley, red onion, garlic, and jalapeno!


It already looks beautiful…. doesn’t it?

After tossing all these ingredients together in a bowl, I added in some lime juice and salt… then I put it in the fridge to get cold and “marinate” for a couple of hours…



I had some avocado in the fridge and I decided it would be delicious if I added it to the salsa… my instincts proved correct… YUM!

IMG_1432 IMG_1435IMG_1434

Did I say… YUM?!

I made some shredded chicken tacos to use as a vehicle for this salsa… but you could make nachos or just pull out a bag of tortilla chips to enjoy it!

IMG_1439 IMG_1441 IMG_1440

The Cost? Roughly $4.70 TOTAL for the salsa… I shopped sales and this was just under $4.00 to make! For 3 to 3 1/2 cups of salsa… TOTALLY worth it!!! I would have paid more after I tasted how good it was… REFRESHING!

The Recipe: CLICK HERE for that!

Well, I’m off to eat some ice… and maybe some more salsa too…

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

2 thoughts on “Nectarine Salsa

  1. I just love your blog, Dear Jenna!!! Your write so well — not to mention your wonderful recipe’s !! YUM!

    • Thanks Gigi! I think you’re my biggest fan and I’m okay with that! I mostly do it to learn to cook and to keep in touch with loved ones I don’t see too often… miss you! Love you!

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