Vanilla Ice Cream with Nectarine-Blackberry “Topping”

It’s hot. The ice cubes have stopped working. I decided to try ice cream instead. I’m liking the results.

img_1561 copy

I couldn’t just eat plain ice cream. I had to indulge my imagination a bit more than that.

I went a little overboard…. I came up with TWO Nectarine desserts to go with my ice cream! Both ideas struck at once and I couldn’t leave on of them behind. Thus, you will be getting TWO dessert recipes to end the Nectarine saga.

Hahaha. DOUBLE the desserts. DOUBLE the fun. No mint included… though, that might be tasty??

THE FIRST DESSERT… Vanilla Ice Cream with Nectarine-Blackberry Topping

WARNING: This dessert is SO easy to make, you might as well just be scooping some ice cream into a bowl. You can make it for just yourself, make two for a date night, or make a whole bunch for a crowd!

Sliced nectarines, fresh blackberries, butter, honey and cinnamon is all you need.

Prep the fruit first!

Then, melt some butter in a saute pan…


When the butter is melted, drizzle in some honey…


Sprinkle in a touch of cinnamon…


Whisk it all together and toss in the beautiful sliced nectarines…


Then the blackberries…


Cook for a few minutes over medium-low heat and you’re done!

The fruit will be beautifully glazed with the butter-honey-cinnamon mixture and will soften a bit. You want some bite left in the fruit. Mushy fruit = NO good!


Spoon the fruit (and the juices if you like) into bowls or, to make it a bit fancier, wine or martini glasses.

It was just my girls and I when I made this dessert but I decided to make it fancy anyhow…


Now, I know I called this a “topping” but it’s really the base of the dessert. You can definitely put the ice cream in the bowls first and top it with the fruit, but I liked the look of the fruit in the clear glasses with a scoop of ice cream up on top…




Sorry, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this!

MMmmmmm!!!… this topping…

Definitely better than Hershey’s syrup. At least in my opinion.

I got halfway through and added another scoop of ice cream… Divine. Delicious. A temporary solution to my heat stroke.

THE COST: $1.50 per serving (this includes the ice cream!)… unless you’re buying some really expensive stuff… I buy Blue Bell or Breyer’s and can usually find it at one of my local supermarkets for $1.99 per quart (or less!)


WANT MORE ICE CREAM??… Another Nectarine dessert coming your way soon!

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

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