Steak & Onion Sandwich


After hitting “Publish” I realized that my most recent post, my Rustic Nectarine Pie, was my 100th POST!! What?!

This came as a surprise to both my husband and I…. “Honey!!!… do you have any idea how many posts I’ve made??” He was thinking between 35 to maybe 50 at the most… but ONE HUNDRED!? WHAT?????

Whew! That makes me tired… I won’t think about how many hours of pictures taking, color-correcting, and writing this adds up to be… A LOT. We’ll just leave it at that. Funny thing is… it doesn’t feel like that much really… I love every minute of it!

There’s no better way to start off another round of 100 posts than with this indulgent, fill-you-up good steak sandwich…

“O is for Onions” and this sandwich is packed with them! If you don’t like onions… you’re crazy. Let’s just get that straight. I still like you, I think…

But you’re crazy.

I urge you to try them every once in a while just to make sure you haven’t started liking them during your time of craziness… perhaps if you try this sandwich it will change your mind.

Here is what you’ll need…


ONION!, Cube steak, lots of Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, definitely BUTTER (can’t make the recipe without it), and some kind of deli roll!

First you want to peel and slice up one LARGE onion (or two small ones will work!)…


Slice them fairly thin but they don’t have to be SUPER thin…


Time for the FIRST round of BUTTER!

Melt it in a large saute pan…


Then toss in the onions and cook until super-softened and lightly golden brown.

Be patient. Doing this right requires medium-low heat and 20 minutes or more…


While the onions are cooking you’ll want to season your cube steak and slice it.

And that reminds me…. I forgot an ingredient in my first photo!!


Seasoned Salt!

Season the cube steaks on both sides with it…

Then slice your cube steak AGAINST THE GRAIN.

So, see the grain of the steak running from left to right??? You want to make your slices the opposite direction


IMG_1590 IMG_1592

Okay, so I got a bit distracted between picture-taking, slicing against the grain, and my girls…

So the onions got a bit blackened in spots… I actually don’t mind this so it was fine… but it was not intentional!


Still super yummy. Not even close to ruined. I took them out of the pan where they waited on a plate until they were called upon again…

SECOND round of butter!!


Add in the cube steak for a minute on each side over medium-high to high heat…


Flip ’em!


Deglaze the pan IMMEDIATELY with a whole bunch of Worcestershire and stir to scrape up the browned bits! Then turn down the heat to low.

I apologize in advance for these next couple of pictures… I was using my iPhone for these pictures (camera card missing again) and I was in a rush. Just pretend the photos are super-focused and beautiful…


THIRD round of BUTTER!!!

And… dash in hot sauce… just a couple dashes or a WHOLE BUNCH if you want it HOT!


Add those onions back in!!

In another saute pan, melt your FOURTH round of butter and toast your deli rolls… you want them to be SOAKED in butter! Awesome flavor!!

Remember, we are indulging here. We’ve already decided. So just go for it. It’s OKAY!

IMG_1607 IMG_1609

Top the rolls with the meat/onion mixture and DIG IN!!….



Feel free to add any toppings you like… fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula… all are suggestions from the recipe’s author.

And HERE is that official recipe if you’ve been waiting!

You’re looking at $4.19 for your cost per serving… a bit on the expensive side but not really too bad for something involving steak! This is if the recipe gives you FOUR servings, but I think it stretches a bit farther than that so your price per serving will actually be a bit cheaper than this.

Remember though, we did decide to INDULGE here… and that includes the price…

Totally worth it.


Happy 100 posts from Apples to Ziti!

Need some more sandwich inspiration?!… Click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here or here! Is that enough? 🙂

Happy Economical Eating!

Love, Jenna

One thought on “Steak & Onion Sandwich

  1. You make me laugh! And I LOVE onions! So there – -you gotta’ love me! 🙂 Keep up the good work , Dear Jenna!

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