Caramel-Toffee Cheesecake Bites

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Hello beautiful bite.

I have been borderline obsessed with all things bite-size as of late. My mini muffin tin is getting a workout and it’s probably a bit sore because it hasn’t been around the block too much before these past couple of months.

I’ve made mini frittatas, mini cupcakes, mini taco bites, mini ham and cheese bites, mini muffins, mini cheesecake bites (this post), mini cookie bites and probably more but they escape me at the moment.

During this ‘Toffee’ rigmarole it’s really being pushed to its limits. I also use it in my Toffee-Pecan Cookie Bites recipe. Poor mini muffin tin. He’s going to need a spa day after these toilsome days. A good long massage. A trip to the beaches of Italy. Or maybe I’m just projecting. I don’t know.

I think I love little bites so much because you can eat as few or as many as you like. When it comes to desserts it allows you to have more than one because the bites are portion control in action… as long as you have one bite and not the whole pan. And you will be tempted I’m afraid. That’s why these bites are a wonderful thing to bring to a holiday get together. Christmas is practically here. (How did that happen by the way?!?) These bites really have that WOW factor. They’re slightly involved but the ingredients are VERY simple.

Think THREE stages here. Crust. Filling. Topping.



Graham cracker crumbs. Melted butter. Ground cinnamon.

Mix with fork until well-combined and a bit crumbly.

IMG_4420 IMG_4425

Press into your mini muffin tin.

IMG_4434 IMG_4438

Bake for a bit. Cool. Chill for 5 minutes. Done.


Whip some cream cheese. Add an egg. Whip. Some sugar. More whipping. Or beating if you prefer. Sour cream and vanilla extract. Beat it again. Lemon zest if you like. I do. Whip. Whip. Whip. This sounds very violent. I assure you it is not. But if you’re using a hand mixer and you have some aggression to work out… go for it. Much better than putting your hand through a wall. Much more productive than punching pillows.

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Top the crusts with the filling.


Bake. Cool. Chill 4 hours.



There’s plenty of time to make the topping while the cheesecakes are baking, cooling, and chilling… but you can make this caramel sauce up to two weeks ahead of time if you like! The toffee can be store-bought or homemade. You just need them to be crumbled (chopped) into bits.

Sugar. Water. Medium-high heat. Stir shortly. Stop stirring. No more stirring. Quit stirring. Watching but no stirring. Stop saying stirring.

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Boiling. Bubbling. Watching. Waiting. The caramel color appears.


Whisk in cream off the heat.


Transfer to a bowl or jar. Let cool COMPLETELY. Store in fridge airtight. It will thicken quite a bit when cooled.

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Chop your toffee into bits. A knife will do or pull out your processor.

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Time to assemble! Chilled mini cheesecakes out. Drizzle caramel. Sprinkle toffee. Done. Done. Done!

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IMG_4637_2 copy IMG_4644_2 copy


Cheesecake Bites Final

IMG_4650 copy

You can find more dessert and food gift ideas HERE.

And here is that printable mini cheesecake bites recipe for you!

Merry Christmas!

love, jenna

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