Here are some last minute gifts you can make right in your own kitchen.

White Chocolate Pretzel Toffee…

IMG_4355_4 copy

I’ve been baking, taking, and consuming these decadent, gift-worthy treats for the past month.

And now I must go collapse.

I hope you enjoy!

Toffee-Pecan Brown Sugar Cookie Bites…


Caramel Toffee Cheesecake Bites…

Cheesecake Bites Final

Chocolate-Espresso Toffee Cookies…


Easy Nutella-Toffee Fudge…


Here is a last minute, seat-of-your-pants wrapping idea too…

Cut the top off a paper bag. Place your wrapped treats inside. Fold down the top. Secure with string.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or you can just do what I did… Rip scraps of parchment off the roll, wrap them around your treats, shove in zip-top sandwich bags. Done.

But the brown paper packages are much cuter. And festive. And thoughtful.

I’m so sorry dear small group. I really do love you. I just had no time to wrap your fudge.

Merry Christmas!

love, jenna

6 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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