Toffee-Pecan Brown Sugar Cookie Bites


Kind of a long title. But you know what you’re getting. Or at least you think you do. These were the recipe I was least excited for… and I liked them best. And they’re the easiest. Well, the fudge was pretty easy but powdered sugar destroys my kitchen. No matter how careful I am, it gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

This cookie bite reminds me of my childhood because it is similar to a butter cookie recipe I made a thousand times (or more) with my mama. It came from her Waldorf College cookbook. At one time I had that recipe memorized. I knew it so well that even after not making it for years, I still mostly remember it. I’m not sure if it used baking powder or baking soda or how much. I think it used more flour than I used for my cookies. I know it didn’t use brown sugar. I know it didn’t include toffee or pecans. I know I ate my weight in the dough. Yes, I know… “don’t eat cookie dough”. Too late.

The recipe was simple and delicious. It will always remind me of my childhood. And it inspired this recipe.

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First I sifted together flour, baking soda, a pinch of salt, and cinnamon.


Then I creamed together my butter and brown sugar.


In went an egg and some vanilla, of course!


When everything was nicely mixed together, I added in my flour mixture slowly and mixed until the dough was just combined.


The topping is what really makes this cookies AWESOME. Pecan and Toffee. Mmmm. MMMM!

Just pulse toffee and pecans in a food processor. I made my own toffee but you can buy it at the store. My version is a bit softer than the store bought kind.


I think this by itself would make an amazing dessert. SOOOOO good.


Now I must apologize for this next part… I either erased the pictures that go with the assembling steps or I never took them to begin with. I honestly can’t remember. I would blame it on ‘pregnancy brain’… but I can’t any longer. Darn.

You spray the cups of a mini muffin tin. Then you fill each of the mini muffin cups with a heaping teaspoon of the dough, pressing it down into each cup so it’s flat on top. You use a slightly heaping half teaspoon to scoop the Toffee-Pecan topping onto each of the cookie bites. Then you bake them for about 9 minutes and…



Just let them cool a bit and then loosen them with a knife. Ready!


Wrap them up as gifts or find some little munchkins to share them with.

IMG_4759 copy

IMG_4724_2 IMG_4755



Yea for sisters!

Yea for cookies!

Yea for Christmas!

Here’s that recipe again.

Merry Christmas!!!

love, jenna

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