White Chocolate Pretzel Toffee


There’s something you should know about my little family.

We love to make up songs. Sometimes we use familiar tunes and sometimes we make up our own. Sometimes we sing about things like brushing our teeth, washing our hands, or sharing. Sometimes we sing about silly things like Mr. Lizard on the wall outside or the oatmeal that always seems to find its way into my Emily’s hair. Sometimes the songs are fabulous and sometimes they are… how do I put it. Pitiful.

But always funny. At least to our children. I am trying to enjoy this stage where I can entertain them with a dance, a song, or a goofy smile. I know those days are short-lived. Soon they will no longer think I’m hilarious. There will be no more rocket ship shows at the space station (aka Our laundry room). No more trips around the world (aka Our staircase). No more broadway shows on our stage (aka The front window seat).

But there’s one thing that I really DO think will continue at our house whether the kids join in the fun or not. And that’s our songs. We’d probably be embarrassed for you to hear us sing most of these songs, and especially for you to watch us deliver them in the grand fashion that we do. But I hope that they live on. They make me happy.

I thought I’d give you a taste of our made-up songs here on A to Z.

Are you ready for this?

Just for you, I’ve written this ‘White Chocolate Pretzel Toffee’ recipe to the tune of Jingle Bells. It’s a fairly accurate account of the recipe. I think I left out the salt. Be sure to add that 1/2 teaspoon of salt in the recipe. Even though it’s not in the song.

No, but… seriously. Don’t forget the salt.

And click HERE for a few more Christmas dessert ideas for bringing or gifting.

(Start with: “Dashing through the snow…” and onwards towards the Jingle Bell Chorus. Then start over again!)

Warm up your voices. HERE WE GO!!!

“Add sugar to a pot.  (Dashing through the snow…)

Two sticks of butter too.

Medium heat please.

The butter will melt for you.”


“Add water to the pot.

Then stir just to combine.


Spread pretzels on a pan….

So they’re ready when it’s time.”


“O Mix your toffee. Mix your toffee. Mix your toffee good.  (O Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All the Way…)

Stir it gently. ‘Cause if you don’t… it could burn… Oh yes it could. 


Stir your toffee. Stir it gently. Stir your toffee more.

It’ll get real hot and thicken too… And then it’s time to pour!” 


“Now the toffee is poured.   (Dashing through the snow…)

But it’s too hot to be felt.

When it’s set you add your chocolate…

That you had to melt.”

“Now spread that chocolate ’round.

Until it’s evenly spread.


Add toppings. Pop it in the fridge.

And soon you will be fed.”


“O chill that toffee. Chill that toffee. Chill that toffee good.

Take it out and break it up.

And EAT it… Yes you should!”


“Eat that toffee. Share that toffee. Give it as a gift.

Break it up and serve it up.

It’ll give your spirits a LIFT!”



er, hohohohoho.

That was fun! I am done now. Feel free to keep singing and song-writing as you please.

IMG_4355_4 copy


Here is your recipe!

Merry Christmas!

love, jenna

6 thoughts on “White Chocolate Pretzel Toffee

  1. You are a nut! This was very fun! Now I have to go back and really read the recipe, to comprehend the whole thing, because I was too busy trying to read-sing it to the correct beat! But I know it has pretzels and white chocolate, and salt, and you can’t go wrong with that! I love the sweet and salty “taste combo thing”! And it looks pretty easy to make! Great blog post, Jenna!

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  3. You are so creative! I recently had a cookie exchange with my friends. One of my favorite treats from that was a pretzel toffee. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to find that recipe. Here it is! I love you! Keep writing.

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  5. Been dreaming of this since reading it! Vow ed to myself I would make it as a little gift for a couple of neighbors who have been so kind to me. Alas not yet! Maybe for valentines day. Maybe Easter? 🙂 And loved the setting to music! I, also love to dance crazy and sing while doing things around the house.

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