Greek Chili

Greek Chili

Chili recipes are out there by the thousands… probably by the millions!

You might as well be picking a star out of the sky.

Chili is classic ‘Game Day’ grub so I didn’t want to leave it out of my line up. But I also wanted to make chili just because it’s nice to curl up with a hot bowl of it on a cold winter night. And we must cherish these cold winter nights here in Phoenix. Soon and very soon there will be no chance of chili being made in my household. Not in the scorching summer heat. No sir. No ma’am. Not a chance.

I wanted to go for something unique and I was in a rather ‘Greek’ mood when I was concocting this recipe. I’m not sure what a “Greek” mood is exactly, but I do know it involves dancing and shouting “Opa!”

And when you try this Greek Chili Recipe, I think you’ll want to shout “Opa!” too.

I can’t wait for you to try this. (Can you tell that I’m bouncing up and down as I write this?) Oh, well I am. Over-the-top yummy recipes make me giddy. And, just for you, I will shout out a little “Opa!” when I post this recipe. Feel free to shout back.

I started this chili with a little spice mixture: Ground Coriander, Ground Cumin, Fresh Oregano… roughly chopped (or you can use dried… but I happened to have the fresh version), Ground Cinnamon, Ground Cayenne Pepper, Salt, & a touch of freshly ground nutmeg.

I put them all in a little ramekin so they would be ready when I needed them.

IMG_5538 copy

Next I chopped up one large red onion.


Two red bell peppers.


And I zested one lemon.


I heated a few tablespoons of olive oil in my dutch oven over medium-high heat.


I tossed in the red onion and bell peppers. Then seasoned them with some salt and freshly ground black pepper.


Once the onions and peppers had softened real well,

I added some garlic and oh what a smell.

Oh, what a heavenly smell I got…

When I added that garlic right into the pot.


In went the lamb… I let it brown.

I used a potato masher to break it down.


The meat was broken up so I knew it was time.

To add in those spices…. the smell was sublime.

IMG_5543 copy


For some lemony flavor I added the zest.

Keep reading on… I’ll tell you the rest!


Next went in flour to make the chili thick.

I stirred it around. I did it real quick!


A big can of crushed tomatoes and garbanzo beans.

Then I splashed in chicken stock… some got on my jeans.

IMG_5573 IMG_5577 IMG_5580

Several handfuls of spinach right into the pot.

Five to six ounces… it will feel like a lot.


Stir it all together… watch the spinach wilt and shrink.

This chili is ready to simmer I think!


Get your garnishes prepped….

Mint and parsley you’ll chop.

Then crumble some Feta.

They’ll go right on top.


Serve up the chili.

Garnish it right.

Savor the moment.

Enjoy every bite.

I’m not sure how this “Chili” poem got its start.

But I hope that you’ll try it!

It came from my heart.

love, jenna

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