Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

V-day Gifts for Him

My husband is not your ‘typical’ guy.

What do you buy a man for Valentine’s Day when…

1. He’s not really into sports.

2. He doesn’t golf.

3. He doesn’t really care about getting gifts.

Hmmmm. Predicament. Every birthday, Christmas…. his mom shares my perplexity. Unless he tells me EXACTLY what to get him… it’s hard to find something he will LOVE. And I really like giving gifts that people LOVE. The thought of giving someone a gift and having them toss it in the storage closet or their ‘junk’ drawer makes me sad.

So I decided to brainstorm through blogging. I figured someone else is trying to figure out what to give their man for Valentine’s Day too.

Here are my ideas:

1. Make him dinner.

Food can be the way to a man’s heart. I know my hubby LOVES when I cook a yummy dinner for him. Especially when it’s one of his favorites!

By the way… Check out a ‘Romantic Dinner for Two’ here on A to Z with the help of my blogging friend Destiny at She is an AMAZING stylist/ decorator and we collaborated for this project. I cooked and styled the food. She styled the table and did the photography. Check out her blog! I love her.

2. Make him something.

My suggestions:

Love Notes.

Love Notes

PhotoSource: (see more love note pics here).

Make one. Or make a whole bunch.

Make them fancy like the ones in the picture above. Or write them on cut out pieces of card stock. Or just folded up pieces of paper! What’s IN the note is what’s truly important after all!

Put them in places he’ll find throughout the day. Push one across the breakfast table in the morning. Slide one in his pocket before you part for the day. Give one to one of his co-workers that they can hand him during his work day (obviously you’d have to do this ahead of time). Pop one in his lunch (if he brings his own). Nestle one into his wallet so that he’ll see it (wrapped around his most-used debit or credit card?) Put one in the car for him to find (tape it to the radio or the rear-view mirror). Tuck one next to his plate or glass at dinner. Put one on his pillow for him to find before bed… or whatever. 😉

3. Take him somewhere.

His favorite restaurant. Or try a new place if he’s adventurous? Have it all planned out. Make a reservation if necessary. Blindfold him if you like to make it exciting?! Or save that for later. Ahem. Or, if he’s planning the dinner part of the night, plan the dessert portion!

The place where you met. Or first kissed. Or had a special moment. Or got married. Pack a basket or backpack with crackers, cheese, chilled wine or sparkling cider, plates, napkins, and glasses.

4. Buy him something. 

As I said, buying something for my hubby can be difficult, but I did come up with a few ideas in my brainstorming that I thought I’d share:

A subscription to the “Dollar Shave Club”. Check it out. It’s fun!


Beer Can Chicken RackIf he likes to cook! (And chicken. And Beer.)


A rosewood money clip. For the minimalist who hates carrying anything bulky in his pockets. Google it or click here or here or here for some options.


Some unique copper mugs for his favorite drink. Buy him the drink. Sit and enjoy a drink of your choice with him. The quality time and conversation will likely mean more than the mugs or the drink for both of you. Find them here or here or here.


A set of C.S. Lewis’ Books. This would be for my hubby. I thought I could go with the Narnia set to bring him back to his childhood. Yours might be more into Dickens or Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit? Buy him the set or just one book. Hardcover is nice and he can display it in an office. Decor & A Good Read in one package!! If your man is the C.S. Lewis sort… click here for a bunch of options.


If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

love, jenna


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