Happy 2nd Birthday Emily Jane!


I can’t believe my second baby, my middle child, has turned two…

I really am flabbergasted! I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use that word. haha. did it.


My Emily Jane turned two 10 days ago and because of sickness and celebrations in the works… I haven’t had a chance to share it. She is SO very proud to announce that she is “TWO!” when anyone asks her. Somehow she never was able to say ‘One’ when asked… but ‘Two’? Yes. She can say that one. Two times, if you like.

In the above picture she was about to serve me my second cup of “tea” for the morning. Perhaps you’ve tried this kind of tea before? It’s 90 percent air and 10 percent LOVE. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

She is cuter than ever!!!

And naughtier than ever. Yes. We are in the thick of it. And, unfortunately, her older sister is backsliding a bit in her listening/ obeying because of it. AHHHH!!!!

Sorry. Just had to let off a bit of steam there. When both children are struggling to obey I look down at my sweet 5 month old boy and say, “You’re such a good boy Ben. You’ll never disobey mama, will you?” He smiles back at me as if to say, “That’s silly mama. Why would I do that?” Mmmm. I know better. But his smile is SO cute I almost believe he’ll never misbehave. Please note the ALMOST.


Sorry about the pictures in this post… they are not the best but they’ll do the trick! They were taken with my phone while the car (and/or child) was moving. 😉

Our gifts to sweet Emily Jane for her 2nd birthday were simple: Dinner out, her choice. And a ‘Melissa & Doug’ Magnetic “Paper” Doll set.

I got it from Citrus Lane and it is SUPER cute. I loved that it had two dolls so that both my girls could play with it at the same time. Now they just have to learn to share the apparel. (sigh) If you want to see it you can click here.

For dinner, we thought perhaps…. Pizza? Chicken Nuggets? Mac n’ Cheese? French fries on the side?


Emily never faltered on her answer to us when we asked her what she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner:


The rest of us did not have oatmeal for dinner. We had burgers and salads. But yes, indeed, we stopped at Starbucks and got Miss Emily her oatmeal. And my was she pleased.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! How are you two already?!

Have a blessed weekend!

love, jenna

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