Blush Bubbly

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I completely made up the name Blush Bubbly. The drink is bubbly and it is sort of a blush color. That was really my whole process. There was no brainstorming session. No trial and error. I just wrote it down and that was its name.

But it sounds like Valentine’s Day doesn’t it?

A holiday that embraces the color ‘blush’.

And wearing blush.

And blushing.

On most nights at our home, the drinks on our table include two tall glasses of water and two zippy cups… no, I mean zippy cups…. AH!!!!! Apparently my spell check does not seem to like the word zippy… no!!!!! SIPPY … haha! There! I guess I have to put it in ALL CAPS for it to allow me to write SIPPY instead of zippy.

Let me try one more time just to be sure… zippy … SIPPY.


Although ‘zippy’ cups do sound kind of fun.

Sorry. I’m done now

In any case, drinks are usually pretty simple for us: water and milk. My husband and I don’t really drink soda (we are habitual morning coffee drinkers).Sometimes in the summer we’ll have fresh squeezed lemonade. Sometimes orange juice or cranberry juice will find its way into our fridge. But most of the time we keep things LOW-sugar for the sake of our sanity. Perhaps when our kiddos are older they’ll be able to hold their sugar better? For now they’re full of energy on their own. No sugar needed. Especially prior to nap time or bedtime.

However, when a special occasion comes along, it’s fun to have something different than our normal drinks on the table, isn’t it? Whether you use champagne or sparkling wine or sparkling lemonade… this drink is SUPER pretty and SUPER relish!…. no, not relish. DELISH. Darn spell check.

I wrote this RECIPE, “Blush Bubbly”, as part of a Valentine’s Day ‘Romantic Dinner for Two‘.

This drink can be made ahead to keep whatever occasion you’re using it for… be it Valentine’s Day or a weeknight… as stress-FREE as possible! You’re going to LOVE how simple this is. I know I do.

Add strawberries, with their tops removed, to a food processor or blender.

Blush Bubbly via

Pour in freshly squeezed orange juice and puree it together with the strawberries.

Blush Bubbly via

Drizzle in some honey.

Blush Bubbly via

Then puree again until everything is really well mixed.

Blush Bubbly via

Pour it into a mason jar (or any container with an airtight lid).

You’ll need to be able to shake up the mixture right before serving it.

Blush Bubbly via

Then pop the lid on and store it in the fridge.


Told you it was simple!

When you’re ready to serve it, just pour a bit of the mixture into each of your chilled glasses and pour whatever form of “sparkling” liquid you like on top… be it sparkling lemonade, sparkling wine, or champagne.

It’s cool and refreshing and wonderful to sip on during a meal!

The recipe makes four servings so if you are using it for a ‘Romantic Dinner for Two’ you can each have one glass during dinner and then pour one more glass after dinner. You can sip the second glass with dessert or snuggle on the couch with it!

Here’s the printable RECIPE again!

For the whole menu click HERE.



love, Jenna

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