Udon Noodles with Roasted Asparagus Pesto & Tomatoes

Udon Noodles with Roasted Asparagus Pesto & Tomatoes via applestoziti.com

I have yet to meet a noodle that pesto didn’t get along with.

Come to think of it… I have yet to meet a noodle that didn’t get along with.

After experimenting with Udon noodles I realized just how similar they are to regular pasta noodles. They remind me most of linguine but they look more like spaghetti. They are softer (a bit more supple) than both linguine and spaghetti… but you could easily substitute either of them for the udon if you prefer. I really really like the texture of the udon. I love how they just soak up whatever they’re mixed with. I would definitely recommend trying them. At least once.

I would eat them with any sauce. (Even just olive oil or butter with parmesan, salt, and pepper. Yum.)

I would eat them with anytime.

I would eat them here or there.

I would eat them ANYWHERE!!!!

And I would eat them with a fox…..

Okay, just kidding.

I’m done now.

It’s just that most of the literature I’m reading these days rhymes and often includes talking animals.

I need to pick up Tolstoy.


Twain. Melville. Hans Christian Andersen!!!!!!

I’m yelling!!

I suddenly have the urge to stay up all night reading something sophisticated!

Somehow I feel that would be unwise. Better get back to the recipe.

I started by chopping off the ends of my asparagus. I usually bend one stalk to see where it breaks naturally and use that as a general guide. It seems to me that too much of the asparagus is lost when you use this trick… so I like to add about an inch to where the natural break is… unless the asparagus seems particularly woody.


On they go a large baking sheet with some grape tomatoes for roasting.


A drizzle of olive oil.


Salt & Pepper to season. Give ’em a toss.


And these are ready for ROASTING!


Mmmmmm…… I love how tomatoes sort of burst when they’re roasted. YUM.

I cut off the tops… maybe two inches or so… of the asparagus. The bottoms go into a food processor to get pureed, but I still cut them up a bit to help my processor out.


If I were you, I would roast a little extra of the tomatoes and asparagus. Then you can snack on the extras while you’re finishing the meal. I’m a snacker all the way.

While the asparagus and tomatoes roasted… I toasted my slivered almonds in the same oven.


I got distracted. Possibly by my three children. In any case, I’m blaming them.

After all, I would never forget my toasting almonds if the children were napping.



So they got over-toasted. I’m okay with that. I suppose.

The pesto still tasted amazing even with the slightly burnt almonds. If it happens to you… you can try toasting a new batch… or, if you find you are out of almonds (as I did)… just press on. You have not destroyed your dish.

Once the almonds had cooled, I added in the roasted asparagus, 1/4 cup basil leaves, 1/4 flat-leaf parsley leaves, and some finely grated parmesan cheese to the food processor.


When making a pesto you are technically supposed to pulse everything together first. Then you add in your olive oil in a steady stream while your food processor is running.

I forgot.

Again, I blame the children.

In went the olive oil before I pureed. And again, things turned out just fine.


Time to taste and season!


Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm. MMMMmmmmm!!!!


The pesto gets transferred into a large serving bowl to wait for the noodles. At this point I considered just sitting down to eat this with a spoon but I restrained myself. I knew the noodles would only make it better.


Boiling water. Salted. Udon noodles in. 4 minutes. DONE.


Using tongs I moved the udon noodles right from the boiling water into the bowl with the pesto.

I used the same tongs to toss the noodles and pesto together until they were well mixed.

You’ll want to splash in some hot pasta water to loosen up the pesto a bit. It will turn it into a decadent sauce and coat your noodles


The final touch are those reserved roasted tomatoes and asparagus tops…


Just a gentle toss this time.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Time to EAT!!

(that was a dinner bell by the way)

IMG_6111 (final)



IMG_6115 (final)

A seriously delicious bite.

Num num nummy in my tum tum tummy!

Yikes. I’ve been watching too much ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’.

But it is nummy. In my tummy.

Here’s the handy dandy printable recipe!

love, jenna

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