Strawberry-Peach Smoothies with Spinach (Revised!)

Strawberry-Peach Smoothie with Spinach via

I feel I posted my Strawberry-Peach Smoothie recipe a bit prematurely.

It was still missing something. And I was definitely not happy with the final photos I got of the smoothie. They were taken at night. They were taken in poor lighting. They were taken while holding my 5 month old. He was having a fussy, tired, I-want-your-undivided-attention kind of attitude at the time. Not your optimal picture-taking conditions.

But I am VERY happy with the UPDATED RECIPE!!!!

The something missing was actually quite obvious. It’s one of the most popular smoothie ingredients out there.

It changes the smoothie’s texture. For the better!


Maybe you read my original smoothie recipe and thought, “This needs a banana.” Perhaps you thought of it from the start. But it just hit me today. So I made the smoothie again and, sure enough, YUMMY!!!!!

This is a GO-TO smoothie for me. I almost always have a large bag of Kirkland frozen strawberries in my freezer and Kirkland canned peaches in my pantry. Both are from Costco and I’m very happy with the quality of this brand. The strawberries keep in the freezer for months and since the bag is resealable it’s easy to keep the strawberries from getting freezer burn! The canned peaches can be kept in my pantry for even longer. They’re great for smoothies or just to eat straight out of a bowl!

Here’s the step by step:

A blender is best to make this. I lost mine when I dropped the glass carafe part of the blender while taking it out of the dishwasher. (Sob). But a new blender is officially on my wish list. So I use my food processor instead to make smoothies. In case you were wondering.

Frozen strawberries. 10-12. Depending on how large they are.


One 15-ounce can of unsweetened peaches. Juice and all!


1/2 cup vanilla yogurt. Regular or Greek. Whatever mood you’re in! Or, more likely, whatever’s in your fridge at the time.


1/3 cup packed baby spinach leaves.

You actually do not need to remove the stems as I said in my past post. The texture is about the same and you don’t waste time. I tested. Twice. And I got my 2-year-old and 3-year-old daughters’ opinions. We agreed… There’s no difference!


And finally, the “secret” ingredient.

More like the “missing” ingredient I suppose.


Blend until smooth.


Another welcome change… some MUCH better photos than the first time around.




Oh yes, and one more thing.

You might be wondering why on earth someone would want to make and/or share a smoothie recipe in the middle of February. After all, most normal folks are drinking hot cocoa, sipping hot cider, and wouldn’t dream of making something cold if they were paid to do so.

But it’s currently 86°F in Phoenix. Yes. That’s right. I’m looking right at the thermometer.

We are all in shorts and T-shirts. In fact my girls walked around in their underwear all morning and my son trucked around in his walker wearing just a short-sleeve onesie and no socks.

But actually… in some parts of the world… it is summertime and it is supposed to be warm outside.

If it’s summertime where you live… well, this recipe is for you!

And for those of us living in Phoenix of course.

Here is the printable recipe!

love, jenna

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