Six Months Solid

Benjamin David

My baby.

My boy.

He is six months old today.

We tried baby oatmeal with him just a couple of days ago. He took maybe 7 bites and then was ready for the quicker satisfaction of ‘liquid food’. But he chewed… kind of. And he seemed to understand what he was supposed to do with the strangely “solid” food I was giving him… sort of.

It seems like only yesterday we got to meet him.

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His sisters loved him immediately. But I think they like him even better now that he’s rolling around and “talking”. They can make him laugh easier than anyone else. He is smitten with them.

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First bath. He hated it.

1146286_10202051338705858_204904744_o copy

Second bath. He liked it a little bit more. Kind of.

1268980_10202210706849962_1513796613_o copy

By the third bath he LOVED it! I was so relieved. Bath time is one of my favorite things to do with my babies. My girls loved their baths from the start so when he didn’t like his I was afraid I had a ‘bath-hater’ on my hands. Nope. He loves ’em. Hooray!

Meet Superman. Er… baby. {Halloween: 2 months old.}


On a morning date with mommy and daddy.


Those are our favorite dates. Coffee, breakfast, and maybe something outdoorsy like the driving range.

Taking a ‘selfie’ with mommy after bath time.


Another selfie.


Sorry. This one is really pixelated. Yes. It’s a word. Or so I’ve decided.

I like taking selfies with my kiddos. Otherwise I’d never be in any pictures.

And here is Benjamin taking his own selfie…


Nice shot Ben! Much less pixelated than mommy’s photo.

And now… just a whole bunch of six-month-old pictures from a little 6-month ‘fashion show’ / ‘photo shoot’ of Ben my girlies and I did a few days ago.

The clothes are all the 12-month size. I bought 9-month clothes 2 or 3 weeks ago and they’re already tight. I called in help from Benjamin’s ‘Bepa’ (my husband’s mom). Hooray for grandmas! And Bepas! And shopping!

His new hat. Room to grow. Love it.


Swimsuit. A necessity if you’re a child of any age in Phoenix.


Checking out the handsome dude in the mirror. I thought about editing out the laundry basket in the background. But no… this is real life. There are often piles of folded (or unfolded) laundry everywhere. The hardest part is getting them into the drawers and onto the hangers where they belong. Why is that?


Pretending he can walk. Too cute.


His sister, Rachel, lovin’ on him. She loves her Benja-boo. And he loves his Ray Roo.


Happy 6-months Benjamin Bear!

Hope you enjoyed!

love, jenna

2 thoughts on “Six Months Solid

  1. I was going to list my favorite couple pictures, but as I looked back over them, I thought, ” how can you possibly pick just a couple?!” Each and every picture is precious! The little guy, looking “All boy” in his hat, with room to grow”, the pixelated pic with Mommy and son, where Mommy looks so proud, the sweet sisters with little piggie tails, the gentle kisses shared,, and on and on! You ave a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing these little special moments and your littles with us.

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