A Season of Change


What a whirlwind these past couple of weeks have been.

My baby boy {Benjamin} somehow turned six-months-old… {there’s no way he’s that old already!!!….. I’m still not convinced}.

He also started eating solid foods. Messy but fun.

My husband started a new job.

We traded in our ONE car for TWO cars. {Same car payment per month. Two cars instead of one. No more being stranded at home.}

Happy wife. Happy life.

We listed our home. I cried.

Professionals came and cleaned our home. I cried again. Tears of happiness this time!

{David knew I would love a break from cleaning and made the gift suggestion at Christmastime. Thank you Kathy!!!}

Happy wife. Happy life.

Car changes. House changes. Life changes. They are definitely all bittersweet for me.

I love not sharing one car anymore. We can come and go as we please without having to load up to bring my husband to work and pick him up again in the evening. Now he works too far away for us to do that. We traded in our one car for two cars. It is bittersweet for me because I really loved my old vehicle. But the benefits of trading it in simply outweighed the drawbacks. It was the correct decision. There, I’m on record saying it honey. It WAS the correct decision. It was. It was. It was. I thought saying it enough would make me forget my old car. Nope. But it was still the correct decision. {Sigh}.

We are just moving across the Phoenix area to the ‘East side’, but I will miss my ‘West side’ girlfriends terribly. When we moved out here we had one baby and now we have three. All but one of my girlfriends had no kids when I met them, and now ALL of them are mamas. I love them. I love their kiddos. I can’t imagine not being able to see them on a weekly basis anymore. 

The move to the East side will put us closer to David’s work. He commutes almost an hour each way with traffic. He leaves early and gets home later than we’d like. We like our family dinner time. I like help with the kiddos after a long day. They like seeing their daddy. No. They LOVE seeing him. The other plus of moving is that it puts us closer to family. Our families all live over in the East valley of Phoenix. We’d love to be closer to them! Yes, we realize 30-35 miles is not that far in the grand scope of things. But we are all really close and like to hang out often. Right now it has to be more of a day-long thing. That takes packing and planning with three super young kiddos. It’s stressful but worth it. It will be so nice to be able to zip over to their houses without a suitcase of stuff in tow.

Another reason moving houses is bittersweet for me is because… I REALLY love our home.

This is the room where I spent the most time in I think…



I basically learned to cook in this kitchen. I mean REALLY cook. Not just cereal and sundaes.

Lots of meals were cooked. Lots of pictures were taken. Lots of messes were made. LOTS.

And I spent a lot of time here…


We ate less meals at this table, but I shot a lot of photos here. I usually read my Bible and journal here. I often sit and blog here. There’s great light from the bay windows and there’s no cheerios or oatmeal sticking to the table from breakfast.

Sometimes I would blog here…


But it was darker in here. And often messy. It was kind of our “dumping ground”. When we needed to clean in a hurry this was where things got thrown because it was behind a closed door and out of the way! Perhaps you have no idea what I’m talking about. But I have a feeling that you do.

My girlies’ room….


There are usually lots of toys on the floor. The beds are messy from being jumped on. Many books were read here. Many songs were sung here. Lots of tears were shed here. Lots of giggles were shared.

My baby boy’s room.


This was the room we brought him home to. Lots of diapers have been changed here. Many middle-of-the-night feedings were spent here. I would often enter this room exhausted. I would always leave this room feeling blessed and full of joy. The cute little face that greeted me here made all the tiredness melt away. It will always hold special memories for me.

Our backyard…


Even now as I write my girls are playing in this yard. Many picnics were had. Many balls were kicked. Many sidewalk chalk murals were drawn. Many ‘sand’ meals were made {and sometimes tasted}. We practiced sharing here. We cried here. We laughed here.

And there are new changes (and challenges) just around the bend…


This little gal is getting potty trained right after we move. I’m dreading it. And I can’t wait. {Diapers are expensive!!!}

So, in case you were wondering why there’s been a halt in my posting… I hope this post answers that question.

I assure you there are many things in the works though. I can’t wait to share them with you!

I might continue to share some of the packing, house searching, moving process with you too. I’m sure some of you are going through the same ordeal right now. Or you will be in the future. I’m going a bit crazy trying to keep the house as clean as possible just in case people want to come see it. But it’s kind of nice at the same time. No cheerios or oatmeal sticking to the table as of late. We’ll see how long that lasts.

If you want to see the official MLS listing you can click HERE. If you know anyone looking for houses in the West Valley of Phoenix…. feel free to send them our way!

love, jenna

3 thoughts on “A Season of Change

  1. Oh, I so wish we could buy your house!! Most days I feel like we are so close to being able to buy and so far away at the same time. It is such a lovely home Jenna! And I am so sad you guys are moving. I know we haven’t known each other very long but hoping we can stay in touch all the same. Looking forward to more posts about all the moving and transition time. Josh (with any luck) will be starting a new job hopefully really soon. Praying, praying, praying. And our lease ends here in 2 months so we will be packing and moving too. It’s just nice to hear about somebody going through the same things. Ours isn’t quite as bittersweet as yours this time, but our move last year was. If you need anything let us know. And we should for sure get together sometime before you go. Hugs!

  2. As always Dear Jenna, your thoughts on paper are said so well! I can imagine well the “bittersweet” of leaving the home that you brought your babies home to and the memories made there – but ! There are so many wonderful memories to yet make – -in a new home – with the plus of being nearer to their daddy’s work and all of the family! I love reading about your lives! Your home is so pretty – -but who knows? you may love the next one even more! And I’m selfishly thinking – – maybe I’ll get to see you all a bit more often! 🙂 Love to you all -with hugs n kisses — Grandma Joni (& GiGi)

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