Baby Shower Gift Idea

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I have a “stand-by” that I’ve used for a LONG time for every baby shower that I go to.


Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

I buy something for baby that has to do with “Eating” (like bibs or a bottle), “Sleeping” (like jambes or blankets), and “Pooping” (like diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream). The idea came from a friend YEARS ago, before I started having my own babies. It has been my go-to gift-giving idea for baby showers ever since. I have never seen the need to change it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?

Well, change is sometimes good. Especially for a person like me who likes her routine and can get stuck in it all too often. So I came up with something new. And I LOVE it!

You can wrap these however you like, but this is the quickest, simplest, cheapest way I could come up with! I’d rather spend my money on the gifts rather than the wrapping! But I still like it to be pretty and cute.

It’s a take on the wedding gift scheme: Something borrowed… something blue… etc.

Here’s my version for a Baby Shower:

Something Old. Something New. Something for Baby. Something for You.

{I will explain each below but they’re pretty self-explanatory}.

Materials: Paper bags. Tags. Sharpie. Clothespins. Embellishments. Double-sided tape or glue dots.

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

{I think the mini clothespins and smaller tags would have been cuter, but I only had the regular size so I went with it.}

Labeling {I used a silver Sharpie marker}.

Embellishments {I used some yellow flowers I had on hand. I think they were from the scrapbooking section at Michael’s. And I believe the brand was “Jolee for You”… or “Jolee’s Boutiques”… something like that.}

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

Something Old.

{A hand-me-down of some sort. Something lightly used. I gave my daughters’ dress that was only worn a handful of times and was in really nice condition still.}

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

Something New.

{I went to Babies ‘R’ Us and picked out a little outfit from Carter’s. I love the bike print. And the pink of course. I went with the 3-month size because babies are notorious for growing quickly. I included the gift receipt in this bag for both this outfit and the “Something for Baby” gift… just in case my friend received duplicates or just wanted something different.}

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

Something for Baby.

{Bath Squirties from my friend’s registry at Babies ‘R’ Us. Always nice to choose things off a registry because you know the person liked the item you’re buying for them! Guaranteed satisfaction!!}

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

Something for You.

{In the midst of the baby getting showered with gifts… I thought it appropriate to shower the beautiful mama with a gift just for her. A pedicure at a spa is what I chose. Relaxing and pretty!! But you could pick anything you knew the mama you are buying for would enjoy! Pedicures are a good bet for anyone though.}

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

Each of the gifts went into brown paper bags. Then I folded the tops of the bags down and clipped them closed with the respective tags attached.

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea


I put all the paper bags into a basket and tied on a ‘To/From’ tag to finish the gift.




Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea


Simple & Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

I kept this SO simple. You could really do some cute stuff with this idea. I’d LOVE to see what you come up with if you use it! Send me a pic!!!

Happy Crafting!! And Baby Showering!

love, jenna

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gift Idea

  1. I love that the hand me down gets a place of honor and doesn’t have to be “explained away” you’re simply sharing an item you loved! The whole gift is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s how I felt too!! Last time I gave my old “go to” gift I included some ‘hand-me-down’ items in with the new ones and I felt like I had to explain them away (like you said!)… When I gave this gift I didn’t feel that at all! 🙂

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