Doughnut Pops

Childrens Easter Party Ideas | Doughnut Pops |

When I lived in Chicago, one of my favorite things was the coming of Spring. Thousands of tulips were planted in the downtown area where we lived. You couldn’t turn a corner without running into a bed of freshly planted blooms. Finally… winter was OVER!!! Now living in Phoenix winter is over all too fast, but I still love that initial weather change from the “cold” to warm with a cool breeze. It’s short-lived here… but I still enjoy it… especially since I know it’s the final breath of fresh, cool air before the intense summer heat comes upon us. Then you’ll find me by the pool!

My friend Destiny from Just Destiny Mag handed me these adorable peachy buckets from the dollar section of Target to get creative with for our Easter Brunch shoot. I had an idea but wasn’t sure how it would turn out or how it would look best.

I knew I wanted to imitate the idea of Spring flowers and replace them with food somehow. I thought cake pops would be adorable popping out of a bed of wheatgrass as a centerpiece on the table. The buckets worked for a vessel and I knew I could get the wheatgrass, but making cake pops along with the rest of an Easter Brunch seemed a bit overwhelming. And I assumed it would be just as overwhelming to whomever was looking for recipes for their brunch celebration, too! Maybe I have time to make JUST cake pops… but not a whole brunch spread AND cake pops! HA!

So I came up with an alternative. You’re going to love how easy these “pops” are. And who doesn’t love doughnuts for brunch?!

What you’ll need:

A Container or Vessel of some sort (or several of them!)

Wheatgrass in soil (Check your grocery store!… I found mine in the produce section!)

Lollipop Sticks (the long ones are best so you can really anchor them in the soil)

Doughnut Holes (Glazed or powdered work… I like how the white powdered ones looked against the green wheatgrass)

Childrens Easter Party Ideas | Doughnut Pops |

So cute!

This was not the first option I tried.

First I used floral foam to anchor the lollipop sticks and I covered it with jelly beans.

Very fun! A bit more whimsical than the wheatgrass version.

Childrens Easter Party Ideas | Doughnut Pops |


Then I tried the same floral foam idea and filled the bucket with mini marshmallows instead.

Cute too! Would be fun for an “all white” soiree if you changed the container. Even for a casual wedding or wedding shower brunch!

Childrens Easter Party Ideas | Doughnut Pops |

But this was my favorite…

Adorable and Affordable! You can use one of my ideas or just use the concept and fill the container(s) with whatever you like. It’s fun to try different options. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Childrens Easter Party Ideas | Doughnut Pops |

And this was the option we used for the shoot!

Childrens Easter Party Ideas | Doughnut Pops |

Add a bow and you’re in business!

Childrens Easter Party Ideas | Doughnut Pops |

So playful and pretty!

Some other cute and EASY ideas are these Mini Rice Krispies Nests and these Bunny Yogurt Bites. And, if you have a little more time, these Pastel Mini Cupcakes with Bunny Ears are probably my favorite of the Easter creations this year!

Happy creating! And eating!

love, Jenna

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