Easter Family Photo Shoot

Easter Family Photo Shoot 2014 | ApplestoZiti.com

I hadn’t planned on sharing our Easter photos really. But after seeing them I felt that I must. It will give you some insight into our family. This first shot really speaks a lot to our family life.

On the right… Rachel Elizabeth. Our solemn, smart first daughter. She amazes us by her understanding for such a young person (only 3 1/2 currently). But she can be super silly, too. She’s our dancing queen. She’s got moves you’ve never seen. Some are smooth and to the beat. Others are just plain weird. She loves routine. Sometimes to a fault. In this way, she is much like her mother. She beams with pride when you give her praise. She is deeply passionate and caring. She’s always looking out for her little sister and brother. I love this kid.

Our second daughter…. Emily Jane. She loves to laugh and she’s got a grin that would coax a smile from even the grumpiest of people. She makes sure you can see all her cute, little white teeth. She’s stubborn, haphazard, and affectionate. She loves to cuddle. She’s not what you’d call graceful, but she can get a crowd laughing with a tilt of her eyebrows. You can see from the picture above that she’s entertaining us even during picture time. She’s always surprising us with things she knows about life that we never expect her to blurt out. Smarty pants. I love this kid.

Our third baby and only boy…. Benjamin David. He’s got lungs but he doesn’t often use them. He’s as content and happy a baby as one could hope for. He is so laid back and go-with-the-flow. I can tell he already looks up to his sisters and can hardly wait to get in there and play with them. He can already pretty much hold his own in “wrestling matches”. He gets caught up in a roll-about with his sisters…. I run to his rescue…. and he looks up at me and smiles. He’s fine. He thinks it’s fun! And it’s no wonder he can hold his own… he weighs as much as Emily already. I’m prepared for him to eat us out of house and home. His sisters are already doing a pretty good job. Boy can they eat! But Benjamin… boy oh boy. Being my third chid I don’t really have time to remember to look for milestones he should be hitting. So when he has started rolling over, sitting, crawling, and pulling himself up to stand… I’ve been totally surprised each time. “What?! When did you learn to do that??” I wonder. Tomorrow he’ll probably walk into my room and say, “Good morning, mama!” He’s growing up too fast. I love this kid.

And my husband. Looking lovingly at us all. He’s the best husband and father. I’m totally head over heels in love with him. He loves and takes care of his girls, his son, and myself… with love, dignity, and strength. We know we can depend on him. We know he loves us. And boy do we all love him. He is the topic of conversation I hear about most while he’s away at work. Whenever my kids tell me they love me during the day… they always also say, “I love daddy, too”. He has their hearts. And God has his heart. We are so blessed to have him leading our family.

And now… the rest of the photo shoot. The first shot above doesn’t tell you hardly anything about that.

It started in the morning before church. Rachel was throwing out ideas for how things should be directed. Firstborn. All the way. Daddy was doing things his way anyhow… taking charge as a father should.

Easter Family Photo Shoot 2014 | ApplestoZiti.com

This picture (above) is about how trying to get the three of them focused in one shot went. Ben was actually not really crying here, but we caught him in a rare upset moment so I decided to use this photo. He was ready for a nap. Emily was antsy to run around. Rachel, however, was ready for some pictures.

After getting over things not going exactly her way… Rachel was as sweet as pie. She’s such a sweetie.

Easter Photos 2014

And here come the dance moves!

Easter Photos 2014-2

Emily was too busy exploring to have time for pictures. Off she went!Easter Photos 2014-7

And Rachel happily took the spotlight in the morning photo shoot.

Easter Photos 2014-4

Pouty face.

Easter Photos 2014-5

Daddy trying to make her laugh and lose the pouty face.

Easter Photos 2014-6


And then came the afternoon, family photo shoot.

It started with Rachel doing some actual pouting. Things were not going according to her plan. Mommy and daddy are talking her heart through it in this first shot. Or at least attempting to.

Easter Photos 2014-10

Then Emily tried to escape.

Easter Photos 2014-13

Then Emily tried to escape again. And even Benjamin was ready to cut loose. Rachel was trying to keep it together. Easter Photos 2014-11

Then my cousins joined us and Emily did escape.

Easter Photos 2014-14

And this was about as good as it got with us looking.

Easter Photos 2014-9

I like this one better though…

Easter Photos 2014-12

Thanks for letting me share!

Happy Spring!

love, jenna



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