How it Started


Apples to Ziti started as a way to teach myself more about cooking and baking.

Starting a blog seemed like a good way to keep myself accountable. I knew at least a handful of people would be reading, watching, waiting for what came next.

Because I need structure in my life to keep motivated and on task, I devised a plan for how I would go about choosing recipes. I would start with an ingredient that started with ‘A’ (Apples) and would move right on through to ‘Z’ (Ziti). For each ingredient I would pick a few or several recipes from seasoned chefs, make them in my own kitchen, and detail the experience in a step-by-step, detailed fashion. Details are my thing, by the way.

Although I planned to be all the way to ‘Z’ after a year of blogging, an unexpected baby boy changed my plans a bit. And he changed them for the better, might I add.

Some other unexpected things happened during my first year of blogging. To my great surprise, I started writing recipes of my own and enjoying it thoroughly. So the recipes I feature on my site are a mix of my own creations and those written by others. Along with becoming a better cook, baker, and recipe-writer, I also fell in love with writing.

This love has led me to write posts outside of the ‘Food’ or ‘Cooking’ category. I am slowly expanding Apples to Ziti from the confines of my kitchen to all of my day-to-day suburban life here in sunny Phoenix. I love to take photos and chronicle the day-to-day happenings of my kitchen and life. It helps me to reflect on what has happened and allows me to share my life with my family and others on a weekly basis. This is especially nice for those family members who live far away. Oh how I miss them.

You can click to learn more about me and the blog. And feel free to contact me anytime!

Welcome to my life from A to Z! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love and more love,


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