F is for Feta-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Yet another recipe of mine made with ingredients I had on hand…

My husband said this is one of his favorite things I’ve made thus far!….

AND this is him eating it RE-heated, 3 hours after it was originally made! I assured him it was even better served hot right out of the oven and with the salad alongside… needless to say… this recipe will DEFINITELY be making an appearance again in the near future at our house!


Here is your RECIPE Feta-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Recipe and your SHOPPING LIST Feta-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes Shopping List!

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F is for Feta & Tomato Frittata

Many of the recipes I make myself come from the need to make a quick lunch. My challenge? To include whatever ingredient I’m currently doing for Apples to Ziti.

A frittata is super simple to make as long as you have an oven-safe skillet.

Here is the RECIPE Feta & Tomato Frittata Recipe and SHOPPING LIST Feta & Tomato Frittata Shopping List!

You’re going to love how simple and cheap this is to make!


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F is for Feta Guacamole

One of my favorite things to make is Guacamole.

Avocados are delicious in any form in my opinion… but they are especially delicious in guacamole. I have a sort of “standard” way I like to make guacamole and I thought… hey, why not add a little feta right into the guacamole?? I couldn’t imagine it being bad and it turned out wonderful! Just a fun way to mix things up a bit… especially if you want to put a greek twist on your guacamole! You could even serve it with pita chips instead of tortilla chips if you wanted to go Greek all the way!

Click here for my Feta Guacamole Recipe (you can omit the feta if you like and get my “standard” recipe)! 🙂 And, if you need a shopping list… Feta Guacamole Shopping List!

Everything you need:


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F is for Feta Tzatziki & Lamb Burgers

Yum yum yum yum… YUM!


Wait… did I already say YUM?!

Don’t waste any more time… print the shopping list!!: Lamb Burgers with Feta Tzatziki Shopping List

Need a side? Try my Marinated Tomato & Feta Salad.

Again… yum.

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F is for Feta-Stuffed Peppers

I had been wanting to try stuffed peppers for quite some time and I finally had the chance to do it! This was the first time I made them and it won’t be the last. And… the stuffing included Feta… PERFECT!


I made some adjustments to a Greek Salad recipe I found and served it alongside the stuffed peppers… YUMMY!


Making this meal is a bit of a process, but if you do as much as you can ahead of time it’s MUCH easier and not so stressful! Still, leave yourself some time to get it all on the table… it’s not a quick fix but it’s a fantastic end result!

STICK WITH ME ON THIS ONE… Let’s get started!

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F is for Feta Greek Salad

The official recipe for this “Big Greek Salad” can be found here. I took out a couple of ingredients, added in one, and modified the directions just a touch to tailor it to my family’s tastes.

I served it with Turkey-and-Rice Stuffed Peppers and they were a great match! A delicious, gorgeous meal…


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F is for Feta & Fettuccine


I had to give you a close-up shot to start so you could see the beautiful Feta and parsley in this creamy red-pepper pasta dish!

Not only is this recipe budget-friendly, but it’s also SUPER healthy, too!

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F is for FETA!


What is Feta Cheese?

Feta is a curd cheese with no rind. A curd cheese is any cheese made from skimmed milk curd. Feta is made from at least 70% (or more) of sheep’s milk and the rest is goat’s milk. To store and preserve the feta, it is sliced into large cubes and stored in large, brine-filled barrels.

Feta cheese is thought to have its origins in Greece and in 2005 a ruling was made that the name “Feta” is reserved for this type of cheese from Greece alone (there are very similar versions made throughout Europe). Feta comes from the Italian word “fetta”, which means “slice”. Some believe this name was chosen because of the way feta was served: cutting it into thin slices.

In any case, Feta is such a delectable way to add a little Greek flare to your recipes. I can’t wait to share the recipes I’ve been cooking for my family with you!

You can buy it in the grocery store in block or crumbled form. You can always crumble the block if a recipe requires. You won’t be able to use the pre-crumbled feta to make chunks or slices, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping!

As I checked out the Feta at various grocery stores, I found that the price ranged from about 41 cents per ounce up to $1.50 per ounce. The differences? Usually if you buy a larger size you get a cheaper price. It seemed that chunks of feta were a bit more expensive than crumbled feta. The quality of the feta and origin of the specific brand makes a difference too. On sale and/or in bulk you might find feta cheaper than 41 cents per ounce but that was the lowest base price I was able to find.

The first feta recipe comes tomorrow so get ready! I’ve already done my cooking, picture-taking and most of the writing so now it’s time to enjoy the posts!

Happy Economical Eating!  ~Jenna