I’m super excited about any and all emails I receive from you wonderful people out there. 

Sometimes writing about something is almost as good as saying it out loud. It helps us vent. It helps us process. It helps us celebrate. When we share whatever it is that’s on our mind or heart with someone else it allows us to be comforted. Encouraged. It helps remind us that we are not alone.

What I mean to say is, “Send your emails my way!”

Some emails make me laugh, some make me cry, and some are just downright weird. And I like that. No. I love it! It would be boring if all of us were alike. All the personalities that come my way are welcomed with open arms. Sometimes I read emails and I think, “This is way more interesting than anything I write. I should be reading this person’s blog.”

I expect to receive recipes, advice, questions, links. I want to hear about your families, your frustrations, your joys, your mistakes, your triumphs, your ideas, and whatever else you can come up with. I’m here. I’m waiting. Okay so I’m not sitting by the computer waiting. I would be if I could.

I can’t promise that I’ll be terribly prompt in answering said emails. If your email goes unanswered you can be assured that I did in fact read said email. Answering them is what takes time. And time I ain’t got. At least not in heaping portions. My laundry alone could keep me from staying up to date on answering your emails. If I get the same questions or comments several times over, I might even write a post about it to answer everyone at once. I don’t anticipate this conundrum anytime soon though, so you can forget I mentioned it.

Thanks for those who have written emails and those who are about to write. Keep ’em coming! I feel as though we’re best buds the second I read your words.

From my heart to yours,



I can be reached by email here:

I'd love to hear from you! Keep the comments coming.

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