Favorite Recipes for Fall

My Favorite Recipes for Fall… 


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Apple, Goat Cheese, and Honey Tartlets

It’s time for dessert!

You didn’t think I could do “H is for Honey” and not do dessert… did you?

First up… Apple, Goat Cheese, and Honey Tartlets


Actually, I think I went a little overboard with the desserts but there were too many possibilities… we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it readied us for what will be a purely savory “I” in our Apples to Ziti line up… Can you guess what it is?

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A is for Apple Tatin

The FINAL apple recipe is here!



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A is for Apple Tarts!

Puff Pastry Apple Tarts

This post is only for “Apple Tarts” but I did do another “A is for Apple” dessert: Apple Tatin! You can find that HERE!

I really LOVE these dessert recipes I found because they are fancy, decadent and delicious! However, they are not super complicated to make, and they don’t require a bunch of ingredients that I will use one time and then never use again.

They both come from Ina Garten and they are her take on French dessert classics.

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A is for “Pork Chops & Applesauce”

I know I’m going past the two week mark on ‘Apples’, but I have one more dinner and two desserts to share with you before moving on to “B”. We will still start ‘C’ the first of December (two letters per month), but I’ve decided to extend “A” two days… it’s my prerogative to adjust the rules as I please… you will be happy I did… 🙂


I will reveal what ‘B’ stands for on Saturday!

So, “Pork chops and Applesauce”…

I have always wondered where this phrase came from.

Whenever my mom would make pork chops my dad would always say this phrase in a funny voice and, though I thought it was funny, I never knew where it came from. My husband said the same thing… his parents would say it but he never knew where it came from.

Well, I solved my mystery (or at least I think I did)! The quote they were saying comes from Peter Brady on a Brady Bunch episode where he was imitating Humphrey Bogart. Am I wrong? Tell me if you think differently!

To get in the mood for making Pork chops & Applesauce… click here to watch the Brady Bunch clip!

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A is for Apple and Brie Turkey Burgers

Apple & Brie is a classic pairing so I had to find a recipe that meshed the two together.

I also wanted a Bobby Flay recipe… I love his recipes but they usually require a lot of ingredients, so I can’t justify buying all of them for one dinner. I hate having random ingredients sitting in my pantry or spoiling in my fridge that I use for one recipe and then never use again. I spring for this kind of recipe from time to time, but this is not that time… Brie is enough of a “spring” compared to other cheeses anyhow!

Before you start… you can click here for a quick “how-to” on burgers in general. Not all of this applies as this is a turkey burger and not a beef burger but it’s still helpful… especially if you’re new to grilling like me.

This recipe is delicious and simple! (My favorite combination!)

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A is for Apple-Maple Chicken Sausage Breakfast Sammies

Wow, that recipe title is a mouthful!

Before diving into the recipe let’s stop for a moment and talk about PREP. If you’re like me you often rush into a recipe without reading the whole thing. So, you start the first instruction on the list and then read on as you cook along. This is great until you realize you needed to have five other things done before starting to saute the first thing, and then something burns or overcooks while you try to catch up. At this point you either start over because you’ve burned something beyond being edible or you accept the mistakes and serve your recipe as is.

I speak from experience here.

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A is for Apple

To say that I like apples is an understatement.

All the statistics I could find said that the average American eats about 25 pounds of apples each year. The average apple weighs between 1/3 and 1/2 of a pound. After doing some figuring I realized that I eat about 150 pounds (probably more) of apples each year. Yes, I would say I like apples!

I considered starting our A-Z and A is for Apples with a recipe but instead I will start with a bit of a “game”.

Before this though, I will let you in on the research I did on apples. In summary, this is what I found:

Apples come in over 7,000 different varieties (about 15 of these varieties make up 90% of apples actually produced/ sold), they are healthy for you (lots of fiber and vitamin C), apple harvests are still picked by hand, the first apple nursery opened in 1730 (in Flushing, NY) and the first American orchard was planted around 1625 by William Blackstone on Boston´s Beacon Hill, a bushel of apples weighs 42 pounds and a peck is 1/4 of a bushel, an apple will ripen 6-10 times faster at room temperature than it will in the fridge, and apples float because 25% of an apple is air.

To read more about apple varieties click here.

On the stranger side of the research: In Colonial times the apple was better known as a “winter banana” or “melt-in-the-mouth”,  the largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds (to put this in perspective… that’s equivalent to almost a half-gallon of milk), apple juice was one of the earliest prescribed antidepressants, the modern tradition of tossing rice at the happy couple evolved from an ancient practice of throwing apples at weddings (newlyweds everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when this tradition ended), the game of apple-bobbing began as a Celtic New Year´s tradition for trying to determine one´s future spouse, and an Irish and Scottish custom prescribed throwing an apple peel over one´s shoulder, which would form the initial of your lover´s name. I always just twisted my apple’s stem and spelled through the alphabet to determine my future spouse… but I guess the apple peel thing works too…

Okay, now for the game: WHAT KIND OF APPLE EATER ARE YOU? Click here to see your options. Then, comment and let me know what kind of apple-eater you are. If you can’t find one that describes you make up a new name and tell me why you chose it!

Tell me what your favorite apple is while you’re at it!

I will tell you what kind of apple-eater I am in my next post… and that one WILL include a recipe! We’re starting with breakfast! (but you can have it for dinner…. we did!)

Happy eating!

Behind the Scenes: A to Z

Starting a blog seemed like a simple thing. You choose a topic you love and/ or are good at, you go to a “blog” website, and you start writing, right? Well, after making these assumptions I soon discovered this was not the case. Choosing a topic was not necessarily the easiest thing. I like too many things and, though not knowing it, my husband told me to “PICK ONE!” He was talking about another friend of ours who is making school decisions right now but it struck me at the time that if I wanted to start a blog post I needed to PICK a passion! I love running, reading, teaching (I’m an Elementary teacher by trade), making food (and baby food right now… I have a 9 month old), and probably more. Uff da! (Sorry, my Norwegian heritage kicked in there for a moment)

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