Mini Pastel Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Pastel Mini Cupcakes with Bunny Ears for Easter |

I’m fairly certain these mini cupcakes will be the hit of your Easter Celebration this year!

They are easy to make. They are bite-size. They are cute as all get-out.

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Easter Brunch for Kids

Children's Easter Brunch

I have been BURSTING at the seams to share this fabulous Easter Brunch with you!! It says “for Kids” and “Easter” in the title… but it really could work for any brunch throughout the year and would be great for kids and grown-ups alike!

If you are lacking inspiration for this year’s Easter or Spring brunch… LOOK NO FURTHER!

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Simmered Bratwurst with onions & sauerkraut

German Potato Salad



The cupcakes were from “Mind Over Batter”. They looked fabulous and tasted heavenly. You can visit their website here.

Just a warning… this post is longer than any of my posts are likely to be in the future. This is due to the fact that there are several foods being featured instead of just one recipe. You will get a taste of what the blog will look like (lots of pictures), but if you want to skip the step-by-step and go straight to cooking just look for the recipe link and start cooking!

Okay, back to the menu. Let’s start with the Bratwurst! My grandma Nell made this and it was so tender and juicy! Here I am serving myself up one:

This picture was taken after all our cooking was done and the “Oktoberfesting” (or feasting) had begun! (Did you notice the mound of dishes in the background?? We’ll just ignore those for now, and enjoy the food!)

The bratwurst were simmered to perfection! I don’t have a recipe at this point but as soon as I can get it from my grandma I’ll post it separately. We served the bratwurst in hoagie rolls with stewed sauerkraut and yellow mustard as toppings. I also grabbed some of those onions from the Crock Pot and a ladle of the juices to top mine.  Mmm! Mmmmmm!

Next up on the menu: German Potato Salad

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