Petite Pancakes with Mixed Berry & Mango Toppings

Petite Pancakes with Mixed Berry & Mango Toppings |

There are some things we can’t remember about our childhood and some memories that are crystal clear. There are also those moments that were captured on a video and we, after watching that video, adopted the memory as our own, even if we were too young to actually remember the occasion. Or perhaps a story was told so many times that we feel we remember being there.

One memory of mine happened more often than not on Saturday mornings during my childhood. My dad would fire up the griddle, melt some butter, and cook up a big stack of pancakes for my brothers and I. Maple syrup was a must. No substitutes would do.

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Mini Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls with Blackberry Icing

Mini Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls with Blackberry Icing | Easter Brunch Recipes via

The more I use puff pastry dough the more I like it.

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Sweet Potato Egg Nests with Maple-Bacon & Goat Cheese


These are the perfect egg recipe for your Christmas morning brunch. Or perhaps you’re more the New Year’s Brunch type. Or possibly Easter brunch is your groove. Or Mother’s Day brunch. Or heck… just have brunch tomorrow.

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Favorite Recipes for Fall

My Favorite Recipes for Fall… 


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Mexican-Style Quinoa

img_2493 copy

I’m telling you… I’m dead keen on quinoa.

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Peanut Butter without the Peanuts

IMG_1548 copy

Two things happened this past week that nearly knocked me over, gave me great relief, and renewed my excitement for this little blog of mine.

What were those things you ask?

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Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese and Honey Mustard

I had ground turkey in my fridge that I had planned to use for a feta recipe, but I changed my mind about which recipes to make and this was leftover. It was time to freeze it or use it…

The consensus??… USE IT!

Something about a sandwich sounded so fulfilling this particular afternoon and I was having dreams of some delicious honey mustard spread on it. The only sandwich made with ground turkey that I could think of… Turkey Burgers!…with GOAT CHEESE!! Now I’m getting hungry!… the fridge showed no promise of honey mustard of any kind… darn

Hmmm, I did find dijon and honey. That would work! I started by mixing these and went on from there to create my own version of honey mustard…



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F is for Feta-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Yet another recipe of mine made with ingredients I had on hand…

My husband said this is one of his favorite things I’ve made thus far!….

AND this is him eating it RE-heated, 3 hours after it was originally made! I assured him it was even better served hot right out of the oven and with the salad alongside… needless to say… this recipe will DEFINITELY be making an appearance again in the near future at our house!


Here is your RECIPE Feta-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Recipe and your SHOPPING LIST Feta-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes Shopping List!

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F is for Feta & Tomato Frittata

Many of the recipes I make myself come from the need to make a quick lunch. My challenge? To include whatever ingredient I’m currently doing for Apples to Ziti.

A frittata is super simple to make as long as you have an oven-safe skillet.

Here is the RECIPE Feta & Tomato Frittata Recipe and SHOPPING LIST Feta & Tomato Frittata Shopping List!

You’re going to love how simple and cheap this is to make!


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E is for Egg Breakfast Sandwich (Healthy Style)

This is a recipe I had never tried before but had seen many times. I finally tried it and LOVE it! Another one to add to my regular recipes I like to make for myself. You can make it for multiple people of course, but I made it for lunch for just me! It’s a bit hard for my little girls to eat a sandwich like this quite yet (they are 1 and 2 years old), so mama got to enjoy this one on her own! They got a yummy lunch surprise too, but I’ll show you that in a bit… First here’s the sandwich:


Shopping List: English Muffins (whole wheat), Eggs, 1 tomato, Canadian Bacon, fresh parsley, fresh chives, and 1 slice of cheese (optional… my addition to the recipe)

Staples you’ll need: Cooking spray and Butter (optional… another addition of mine)

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A long time coming….

The weeks after Christmas were frustrating, busy, and surprising.

Frustrating… because our laptop decided to suddenly stop working and go into hard drive panic mode (that’s what I’m calling it anyhow). All of my Apples to Ziti info, pictures, recipes, etc were saved on that computer so it put me at a stand still. After four trips to the Apple Store, replacing the cord, battery, and (thankfully) backing up the computer successfully… the laptop is now on its way to be picked apart by Apple specialists and, hopefully, fixed within the week. Praise the Lord it is still under warranty so any repairs or replacements will ALL be covered in full! WHEW! In the meantime I was able to move my A to Z stuff to our desktop and move on with the blogging process.

Busy… because my husband was blessed with some wonderful work opportunities outside of his normal work week. His being constantly working means less help with the kids, house, etc. My family comes before the blog so, again, it was put on the back burner. On top of this I took on 20 hours a week of nannying for an infant. The laptop being out of commission made it a little easier to deal with foregoing the blog, as it was out of my hands for the time being anyhow. Any spare time has been spent maintaining sanity in the cleanliness of our home, grabbing a quick conversation or board game time with my hubby, and, first and foremost, spending time reading God’s Word to keep my feet on solid ground–relying on Him alone for the grace, patience, energy, and love I need to get through most any day. Yes, I am positive that putting the blog on the back burner was for the best this past month.

Surprising… because while I usually love to cook and bake and be in the kitchen… I have not been able to tolerate much food (especially its smell) since the second week of the year. The surprise came New Year’s Eve day when we found out that we are expecting Baby #3 in August or September! WOOHOO!!! and… AHHHHH!!!! We are elated!… but VERY surprised, a bit nervous (okay, VERY nervous), and DEFINITELY unprepared for a third child. 🙂 In relation to being a food blogger… I am only 7 weeks along right now and have been super sick. It has been difficult to stomach food let alone spend hours in the kitchen making it.

So now you know where I’ve been. Despite all that is going on I am determined to not only get back to blogging, but I have a new-found focus and excitement for the blog.

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